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Thank you 1KeriG. I live in Texas. I took my exam on Tuesday and BON in Texas updates their website every Thursday, luckily I didn't have to pay for quick results. :D


What did you do to study? I am so nervous!!! I am doing questions from kaplan


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wow!congrats...To GOd be the Glory.....

just want to ask..what's the process on re-taking the nclex..i failed my first time in taking nclex hope this second time will be my last....any tips??what b0oks did you used??did you take up kaplan??how many days did you prepare for this exam??any help would be very much appreciated...congrats again..:)


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Hi NAM123,

I have friends who took Kaplan and passed.

I am not financially stable as of now, so the first time I anwered questions from Saunders CD and Googled some Kaplan questions. The second time I have a friend who got me the online Hurst review and loved it. Printed out the material, put it on binder, and labeled by subject. The only thing with Hurst you only have 6 qbank questions, so I used Sanuders CD and would answer the areas I was weak in, on my last week, I also used Ncsbn learning extension. What I liked about Hurst their videos are interesting, and the qbank questions have lots of SATA. Saunders you choose your questions by areas you want and they have SATA. The Ncsbn course I only used for one week, their questions are close to the Nclex exam, and it seemed like the Nclex questions were just worded different from Ncsbn.

Another, thing try to focus with one good resource material to learn content, having too many could cause you to be overwhelm.

Here is verse you can stand by, "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests b made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

You can do this :)


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Thank you annamia!

Praise the Lord! You can do this...I struggled in nursing school BiG time. I waited tow months to retake the exam again. Please read the previous post I wrote on what I used to study. Kaplan, is a good source, they have plenty of questions. I don't know if you have their book, but what I did wiht Hurst is when I was answreing questions from Saunders or Ncsbn, I would write it down on my Hurst book just to keep it all together in one area by subject.

i believe you can do this, pray for peace. As I mentioned on this thread, I had people pray for me, but I ONLY asked people who I knew would really were going pray and not just think of your name once and claim they prayed for you. Another thing I did the night before was cardio to release stress. Bless God, you are going to pass this time around Annamia :yes:


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Thank you,

People are talking about Ncsbn and you did too about Ncsbn learning extension and questions. Where do I find those on the website? All I see is how they break down the test in percentage. I dont see any notes or practice questions

i am new to the website,i live los angeles ,california.i had nclexrn exam on may 30 2013.i answered 265 questions.i am so scared .i was told california do not do quick results.i did the pearson pvt after 3hrs and also today.i got the "good popup".does that mean i passed the test?

congrats lupe.


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Congrats! Job well done :cat:


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NAM123, here is the website for ncsbn learning extension, Home - NCSBN Learning Extension. I only used ncsbn for their questions, since Hurst only offers 6qbank questions. The questions I Googled, I was referring to Kaplan qtrainers, but that was for my first try on Nclex exam. The other source for questions I used was Saunders CD that came with the book I bought. :)


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oluwadarasima, I did the pvt and got the "good popup", so you passed :) Congrats to you :D


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Thank you so much, you must love gatos :laugh:


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Congrats, God is Good.

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