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Potential Hurricane Ida landfall in Louisiana?


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Already hearing of Gulf Coast hospitals requesting that nurses bring extra scrubs and supplies when reporting to work this weekend - the thought being that the current pandemic situation combined with a potential major hurricane strike may result in mandates. Any thoughts? 

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when I was on contract in New Orleans (during hurricane season 😒 LOL) Most of us had a "go bag". It had all the things in it needed for emergencies, normal stuff like scrubs and underwear, plus extra things like chargers, snacks, power bank, water filter bottle (in case of plumbing and power issues), toiletries etc in case my team got activated. Even though each team would only be mandated to stay for like 16 hours, you never really know how bad things will be and if you will be able to get home or if your relief will be able to come in. During harvey there were nurses I worked with that got stuck at the hospital for days and there was no one to bring them food or supplies. So I always tried to make sure I had enough to be comfortable in case I got stuck. thank goodness I never did! 


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Imagine having to stay at the hospital during a pandemic AND a hurricane.  The PTSD will be notable for the staff. 


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Just checked Times-Pickayune NOLA website:  --- Ida to arrive just 16yrs after Katrina  whose devastation I saw firsthand!  Please prepare well for this event and pack EXTRA for those working in LA this weekend and next week.   Hoping all pump stations working in New Orleans along with flood gates --city second in my heart after Philadelphia.  Sending you  {HUGS}  to deal with this storm.

Hurricane Ida to be catastrophic Category 4 storm affecting most of Louisiana Gulf Coast


Most of south Louisiana, including New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette, could see catastrophic effects from winds as high as 140 mph, storm surge as high as 15 feet above ground level and almost 2 feet of rain accompanying a Category 4 Hurricane Ida as it makes landfall south of Morgan City on Sunday night, the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina...




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Entire New Orleans city without electricity after 6 major transmission lines destroyed in storm.  Hospitals on backup generators--- heard Ochner (LA largest health system) CEO say each hospital has backup fuel for generator and 10 day supply brought in this week.    Make sure your flashlights have fresh batteries.  Hope one has a car charger to charge your cellphone. 

Severe flooding occurring between Baton Rouge and NOLA --remains a Category 3 storm. One hospital lost part of roof per CNN.  In NOLA 95/99  levee pumps working. 

St. Bernard Parish where I've spent lots of time visiting (southeast of NOLA past 9th ward), heavily hit.  I visited the newly rebuilt Delacroix fire station when last in NOLA  3yrs ago; it is a low lying area with mainly fishing  boats and shacks with bayou on either side road -- see how fast water rises there:


Valero gas has major plant in Chalmette section of this parish, right next to Mississippi River- might result gas shortage.     I fell asleep to drone of pounding steel at night while  levee Caenarvon gate next to St. Bernard State Park installed 2 years in a row-hope it helps that section of the Parish.