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Has anyone posted their resume online before graduation? Is it recommended? I've heard of students being contacted by different hospitals after they posted their resume on different general and hospital sites. Has anyone had any luck with that? What sites would you recommend?

I don't graduated until June but I'm already thinking ahead (especially after hearing people getting job offers the semester before they graduate). What do you guys think?

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I've never heard of someone getting a nursing position this way, but I don't see what would be the harm.

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Well, not exactly job offers but they were definitely contacted by out-of-state hospitals after posting their resumes up.

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I graduated in May 2008, and started applying for jobs a few months before graduation. It still took 10 months to find my first job.

I do not post my resume on the internet at all. If I want a job with an employer that uses a website HR function, I will submit my application directly through that particular website. However, I have noted that every time I have applied online, my efforts have gone for nothing. I get my jobs when I apply in person.

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I graduate in December. I was lurking on the websites of nearby hospitals. I saw a position I would kill for. So I emailed the HR department and said basically I was graduating in a few months, I know jobs are scarce, and that job was my dream job. I have an interview next Friday!! There is a waiting list for this hospital and I'm hoping to at least make it to the waiting list. When I applied on their website (she told me to apply for whatever was there just so she could see my resume before the interview) there was a thing to check off how much experience you have. Some of the things you could check off were New Grad, I graduate in less than 3 months, and I graduate in less than a year.

It can't hurt!!!! :)

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I graduated in Dec.2009 - I posted my resume online for a hospital in October 2009; I had a phone interview a month before I graduated (Nov) and then had an in person interview a week after graduation. I got the job and have been working there since January 2010, it's on a Med-Surg Floor and I was hired as New Grad, I was given 16 weeks orientation with a mentor. I had the job even before I took the NCLEX (if I didn't pass NCLEX I would have had to give up my spot). It can't hurt to try, it worked for me.

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