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Post NCLEX Nerves

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After hours of endless studying, I finally took the Big Test today... before we could graduate we had to pass ATI with a 90%, and I scored mid to high 60s on almost every cumulative test I took after that, if not higher. I felt very confident walking into the computer room, but after over 130 questions and my test shutting off on one question I had no idea the answer to, I started to freak out! Have others felt like this? I am trying to patiently await my test results on Saturday, but I just am afraid of the results!

And what does freaking out and being afraid do for ya? Nothing, that's what. ;)

Go for a nice bath, walk on the beach, take a hike in the woods, go to an amusement park and scream your brains out on the Cyclone. Time will pass.

Yep, been there had those feelings in March/2015..... But guess what....those test results are gonna come regardless if you are anxious or not so try not to fall into that trap....take one day at a time and when you see the results you will deal with whatever may come cause you really don't have a choice! Here's hoping everything works in your favor! Let us know either way!