Yale GEPN Program: Letters, Interviews, and Questions, Oh my!!!

  1. Letters have been sent out offering interviews for Yale's GEPN program this January.

    Got questions?
    Need answers?

    Let's get together here and help each other out.
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  3. by   anniepants
    What an exciting time! Congrats, May Baby for getting an interview!

    Are you planning on attending one of the potluck dinners before/after the interview? I can't decide if I'm going to make this trip an overnight one...since its only a train ride away from NYC (where I live), I was planning on making a day trip of it...What do you think?
  4. by   chickpea25
    i'm thinking of staying overnight...two nights. I'm from out of state, though. I hope one of the nursing students is willing to put me up for two nights! It would make things a lot easier. I also want to check out the yale gallery of art while i'm on campus. I heard it's really good. In any case, I'm really excited about this. I'm definitely going to the potluck!

    I thought about taking the train to new york for a day to stay with some friends. Is there a train other than the amtrak that runs to nyc? Amtrak is rather expensive. Just wondering if there is some sort of commuter rail.

    Great idea to start this thread!
  5. by   anniepants
    Yup, you can take the Metronorth train. Its the commuter line that I take to work every day, and it's pretty convenient. You can catch it at Grand Central Station. Here's the link to the website:


    You can look up schedules and fares here. I'm not sure how much the amtrak costs, but it looks like a Metronorth round trip ticket to and from New Haven costs around $35ish (depending on if you're traveling during peak or off-peak times, and if you buy your ticket online or at the station).

    Hope this helps!
  6. by   terriblefiler
    I, too, live in NYC and will be interviewed in January. Although I plan on going to the potluck after the interview, I don't think I will spend the night. I have to work the next day

    Congratulations to everyone!
  7. by   lovingpecola
    hey guys! i definitely think you guys should come to the potluck!

    students give lots of real advice, and it's your chance to ask anything you want without having to worry about how it affects your chances, or if it's an "appropriate" question to ask before being accepted, etc!

    congratulations on being asked to interview!
  8. by   MonYmonY
    Hi everyone! I just discovered this forum and it has already been so helpful!!! Thanks!!!
    I also got asked to interview at Yale and I was just wondering if anyone knew approximately how many people are actually asked to interview and how many actually get accepted. I live in San Diego and it is going to be a long expensive trip to Yale and I have another interview at Western two days before. Is it definitely worth it to make the trip to better my chances?! Thanks
  9. by   BeaconStreet
    Hi Everyone!
    I'm new to posting, too, although I've been benefiting from all the great info on here all fall!

    For any of the current students who went through interviews last year: Is there anything scheduled other than the morning orientation and financial aid sessions? I'm wondering if there will be official things going on in the afternoon or if I should plan on having a few hours to kill (and plenty of time to get nervous) before my interview at 4:30.

    Anyone planning to attend the potluck Thursday the 18th? I'll be coming down from Boston, but I'm going to try to make it!
  10. by   May_baby
    Hey y'all,

    First things first, if anyone has not received a letter please feel free to post any questions here. If you have not received a letter before January 3, 2007 it would be more than OK to call Student Affairs and ask them about your status. If you are told that you are part of the "rolling admissions" group do not freak out- just post here or PM me and I'll answer any questions based on my experience last year (I had a late recommendation and was put on the waitlist).

    Congrats to those who got a letter for an interview this January!

    I'm planning on coming up to New Haven from NJ on Sunday afternoon.
    I hope to attend the Potluck and spend the night before heading back Monday evening.

    I'd also love to see the Art Museum.
    Will anyone be around the afternoon of the 21st?

    Oh and remember to confirm your interview via e-mail!!
    I hope I'm the only one that had to re-read my letter to figure that out...

    Happy New Year and Best wishes to all,

    May baby
  11. by   Elle83
    Hey everyone! This is my first actual entry but like some of you, I have been secretly gettting some great info throughout the application process. I will be interviewing at Yale on January 19th for the Women's Health NP track. Do any current students (or anyone for that matter) have any helpful hints for the interview process? I would love you hear other peoples' experiences in the program. Also, I wil be traveling out from San Diego by myself and wanted to see if anyone else on here is doing the same... Maybe we could meet for dinner one of the nights.
    Happy new year to all of you!
  12. by   lovingpecola
    MonY: I don't know how many interviewed, but I think there are 82 people in my class this year, not including the RNs that came in with us.

    Beacon: Here's the schedule that I followed from last year:

    9-10 Orientation as a big group (there were around 70 of us)
    10-11 Orientation broken down by specialty (ie:midwifery applicants went w/midwifery faculty)
    11-12 Financial aid or break
    12-1:00 Lunch with current students in our specialties
    1 pm MY INTERVIEW with one faculty member
    2-3 Financial aid or break
    3-4 LBGTQ seminar or break
    4-5 Diversity seminar or break

    You only go to one of the financial aid sessions...I went to the diversity seminar, but not the LBGTQ seminar, so I did have a few breaks, there was also a campus tour at some point which I skipped. You end up talking to the other applicants during your break (and getting nervous)

    Elle83...I'm at a lost for supplying general info, but if you have some specific questions, ask away!

    Now's a great time to ask because we're on break!

  13. by   lovingpecola
    I just posted this in another thread, and I'm just going to paste it here because I think it might answer a question in this thread, too:

    The questions are basic...I bet you already have them on your list! My number one piece of advice for the actual interview is to know why you want to be whatever kind of NP you want to be, and be able to articulate that very solidly. It seems basic, but it really isn't. I used to get really choked on the "Why do you want to be a midwife?" question. Not because I didn't know the answer, but because it was something that was very hard to put into concrete, coherent, and precise words. Basically, I had a million and one reasons, and my answer was never as articulate as I am! I would practice your answer. Not in a rote-memorization way, but in a self defined life mission kind of way...if that makes sense?

    There will be many other questions...how do you handle stress...what's the most stressful thing you've ever encountered and how'd you handle it...what are your coping mechanisms...what difficulties do you expect and what plans do you have in place to deal with them if they arise?

    I was asked a lot of questions, but my interview was unususally long (and wonderful).

    I also reccomend that you re-read your admissions essay in case they ask you about things the you've written, and just to make sure that what you claimed your #1 interest and experiences to be are what you reiterate in your interview because, after all, they are asking you to interview based on what your paper application presented! Hopefully who you presented yourself to be is exactly who you are!

    Good luck!

  14. by   MonYmonY
    Hey Elle, I'm going to be traveling from San Diego as well. What day are you flying out? Have you book your plane ticket already?