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  1. Hi all!

    I didn't see a Yale GEPN 2016 thread, so I thought it would be good to start one! Does anyone know the average GPA and GRE score for the 2015 entering class?
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  3. by   roadsidefireworks
    I am also wondering the same thing!
  4. by   DoulaMe
    They don't really release it. I am a current GEPN and my classmates are some really impressive, wonderful people. Yale is very competitive (it's Yale, so yeah) BUT it is not all about GRE and grades. More important is who you are as a person--how passionate you are about nursing, what you've done in the past, and what you are going to bring to the table at Yale. The best advice I can give you, having been in your position a year ago, is to just do you. Spend a lot of time on your essay and resume/CV. Get good recommendations. Yale really looks at who you are as a big picture. They could easily fill their class with 4.0s and great GRE scores but they are looking for more than that. They really let in people that they think will add something to the APRN profession and the Yale community. Obviously I am not on the admissions committee but this is my takeaway from talking to faculty and other classmates.
  5. by   Take2inRI
    This thread is too short, I need answers!....lol Unfortunately I don't have the answers you seek though, sorry. I went to an info session just before the start of school this year.
    Is everyone done? Almost? So nerve-wracking. And even when this is done and it's all submitted, it's just the start of the waiting period. And when that ends, the hard work hasn't even begun! But so exciting :-) I'm currently mired in my essay. Most of the rest is done, though I'll have to revamp my resume.
    Good luck to all!
  6. by   Bruins_2012
    Thanks DoulaMe! That's really helpful. Hopefully the admissions committee will see my passion through my personal statement (and will respect the fact I own my transcript and borderline GRE scores-it's my fault they aren't spectacular.) The admissions process so far with Yale has just been superb.
  7. by   Mammal
    Hey gang, current gepn here. If you have questions shoot! I have a few days of break let me know if I can help.
  8. by   Birthday_Girl
    It's a long shot for me. I didn't get my application submitted in early October, and I am asking for a waiver since I have a master's degree and wrote a dissertation. I'm delayed in applying since my institution, which is abroad, took so long to respond to my transcript requests.
  9. by   Mammal
    If you get asked to interview you are looking great. If you have any specific questions let me know. Good luck!!!
  10. by   the.j129
    Hi. I scored a 169 on verbal but only 145 on quantitative. I was simply not fast enough.
    So how "sunk" am I?

    Its too late to redo the gre. Admissions said to write a letter explaining the low score.

    What else would you recommend to give me a fighting chance.

    Would prior medical experience play play a role?
  11. by   Mammal
    We all focus so much on the gre that we forget that it is probably the worst metric when looking at an applicant for a program like this. Don't stress and focus on telling your story. What sets you apart from the other candidates what drew you to the field? Why will you be an amazing NP? They would much rather have a passionate, leader in this program than a 4.0 student good at factoring polynomials, that will not look you in the eyes when speaking to you. Any specific questions just let me know.
  12. by   DoulaMe
    I definitely think prior medical experience can help. My quant score was pretty bad. I can't remember what it was (I want to say 47th or 50th percentile) but I killed in verbal and writing and I got into every school I applied to. I would not give up yet. As was mentioned by my fellow GEPN, it is so much more than GRE.
  13. by   hummingbirdheartbeat
    Thanks to current GEPN students willing to help answer questions! I am in the process of finalizing my personal statement and was wondering how all of you went about structuring it? Are you trying to stick to answering the questions from the prompt in order? Do you think admissions would prefer this?
  14. by   Mammal
    I tried to really focus on selling my story. Tying in experiences to the prompts and how all of my previous experiences really led me to end up at yale as an fnp student. Make sure you answer all the question and research as much as you can about the history of the school, they love our school history.