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  1. roadsidefireworks

    OHSU ABSN to Masters in Psych 2014

    @portlandnp can you share more about your experience at OHSU and the PMHNP track in general? How intense was the program and was it manageable (i.e., did you find time for yourself, did other students fare well, is it a collaborative environment, how rigorous are the classes and the workload?)
  2. roadsidefireworks

    OHSU ABSN to Masters in Psych 2014

    Can you share more about how your experience at OHSU was? How intense was the program? How were the classes? Did you have time for yourself or were you constantly studying?
  3. roadsidefireworks

    Yale GEPN 2016

    I am also wondering the same thing!
  4. roadsidefireworks

    UCSF MEPN 2016

    Hi @gatewood -- can you also share your knowledge about being on an admissions committee? Beside the GPA, what else do committees look to first as a way to weed people out? Thank you!
  5. roadsidefireworks

    UCSF MEPN 2016

    Hi @tenta -- can you tell us more about summer session and the difficulty you experienced? Was there attrition? If so, for which reasons (if you know)? If you're comfortable, can you also share your stats (I feel confident in everything except GRE scores). Thank you!!
  6. roadsidefireworks

    Columbia ETP 2016

    Hi all! I am also an applicant for the 2016 cycle. I just submitted my app the other day. I was wondering if people know how heavily GRE scores are weighed (has anyone gone to the info sessions and heard any numbers dropped?)? Also, if comfortable enough, can people share their GPA and GRE stats? Thanks!