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I haven't seen any forums about the upcoming application for next year's MSN-E program so I thought I'd start! I have a degree from University of Oregon in Human Physiology with experience as a... Read More

  1. by   journeytoRN679
    I will be turning down my spot for another program. I wish you all the best of luck and hope that this opens up a spot for someone else
  2. by   ala004
    Congratulations to everyone that was accepted to Western and other E-MSN programs. I am hoping to apply in the upcoming rotation, would anyone care to share their stats?
  3. by   dearestem
    Hi All! Has anyone heard back from the waitlist yet? This wait is killing me.
  4. by   futurenursereen
    STILL NOTHING. The wait is truly agonizing......lol @dearestem
  5. by   RayyRN2b
    I spoke with admissions yesterday and they informed me that no changes have been made yet. Hopefully we will hear something soon!
  6. by   dearestem
    Thank you for the update! Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone! It's definitely not an easy process.
  7. by   SomedayFNP

    I had a 3.3 undergrad GPA and a 4.0 prereq GPA. I took all the prereqs after undergrad so my last 60/90 was something like 3.75 making my overall something like 3.55.

    I also job shadowed my parents who are both physicians and I worked as a CNA for a year. I also did lead a Health Promotion Team on campus during my prereqs during which I organized blood drives and heath fairs and other health events.

    I was admitted to WesternU but was rejected from Azusa which is my first choice. I decided not to wait to see if Azusa will admit me to their Spring 2019 term and I have instead accepted Westerns offer.
  8. by   SomedayFNP
    I forgot I also did a 100 hour volunteership at Kaiser to get some med-surg acute care experience.

    For admitted students who accepted the offer, have you guys started submitting all your paperwork yet? Like your BLS, immunization titers, H&P, etc?? I just did the background check and it was $50!!
  9. by   RayyRN2b
    Hi! I am currently on the alternate list.
    My stats are: Overall gpa= 3.69, I work as a CNA full-time. I also hold an expired EMT license. For volunteer work: 1.5 years at a local hospital (non-clinical patient care), 6 months as a physical therapy aide, 6 months non-clinical work at a foster home.
    I would say as long as you have decent grades and some extracurriculars you should be fine. My personal advice is to really focus on that statement of purpose and interview skills. I was really nervous and felt I didn't do as well as I could have on the verbal interview and written portion.
    Good Luck to you!!
  10. by   Shagy23
    Hi guys,

    Have any of you alternates heard anything as of late?
  11. by   RayyRN2b
  12. by   RayyRN2b
    For the people accepted, how long do you have to respond/confirm your spot? I bet after that period us alternates will start hearing back.
  13. by   SomedayFNP
    That period should be up by now. I think we had something like two weeks to respond. Our deposits were due by April 6 so I have no idea what's taking them so long. I really hope you guys get in!! I decided to do on campus housing and I signed a lease today that begins August 3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys and hopefully we'll all be students there together this Fall!!!