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Hi all, I have seen GREAT threads for the 2011 and 2012 applicants and cohorts to OHSU's AccBacc to MSN programs, but cannot find one for 2013. Someone suggested we make one for the 2013... Read More

  1. by   fishe23a
    jpdx, Congrats on your interview! I interviewed the 24th and the extra week's wait is killing me.

    There are also threads on this website from the 2012 and 2011 Midwifery AccBacc cohorts, and from what I have gathered from those threads, the earliest that phone calls were made / letters were sent over the past few years has been March 2nd-March 8th, with some initial accepted applicants not hearing until March 11th/12th. So I hadn't really started checking my phone yet!! Anyway - maybe this year they are pushing the dates forward, because when I was asked, "the end of February" was what I was told, though I am not holding my breath due to other years' experience!

    Weirdly enough, some applicants received phone calls only for acceptance, while some received letters only for acceptance! So some people who were constantly checking their phones ended up having to find out from the mailman in the end!
  2. by   mitbde
    Hi everyone! jpdx, congrats on your interview! I applied to OHSU for a number of reasons, but I especially like the small cohort and opportunity to do so many clinical hours in the faculty practice. I think it's pretty uncommon for a such a busy, well-established practice to allow students a lot of access. Other programs I've considered sort of "farm out" their midwifery students to other agencies (which can be good for getting a variety of experiences), but I'm personally looking for more of an apprenticeship model and OHSU has that. Also, OHSU is where it's at for waterbirth so we will be well-trained in that aspect. I have a feeling that waterbirth is going to catch on across the US in the next decade or so. Portland is one of the most progressive cities in the US which = a great environment for learning about midwifery and how to advocate for our convictions! Good luck ladies!
  3. by   jpdx
    Thanks kdrade and fishe23a!
    kdrade, that's a good point about OHSU being more of an apprenticeship-type model, that is my impression too.
    I agree, I am so excited about the groundbreaking work OHSU is doing on waterbirth, and on VBAC as well! Potentially one of the most progressive hospital childbirth practices in the country.
    I've lived in Portland all my life (less than 10 minutes away from OHSU actually!), except for the past several years when I've gone back and forth to the east coast for undergrad. If anyone has any questions about living in Portland, ask away!
  4. by   hannahzp
    Just found this thread! I applied to the psych program and I had my Skype interview last Wednesday which went really well. They said we should be hearing in the next couple of weeks but didn't give a specific date.
  5. by   ecable
    Glad yours went well, Hannah! I'm not as sure as I would like to be about mine. I was very nervous, so I thought maybe it could have gone a little better? I just hope the fact that I would really like to be accepted, and for the right reasons, came across. We shall see!
  6. by   hannahzp
    I know, sometimes our nerves get the best of us. Well I hope you get in! Was your interview in person? I wish I had been able to go up there.
  7. by   jpdx
    Has anyone heard back for CNM yet? I got a call from an unknown Oregon number yesterday and my heart rate shot up, but alas, it was a telemarketer
  8. by   ecable
    Yes - mine was in person. There were 3 people interviewing me in the room. They were very kind. It was a little intimidating for sure! I hope I get in and you do, as well!
  9. by   fishe23a
    Nothing yet, though every time an unknown number calls my phone, I start to freak out. But it always ends up being telemarketers, or Planned Parenthood asking for money. :-/
  10. by   UrineGoodHands
    I'm about to have a heart attack if I don't hear something soon. The waiting is TORTURE!
  11. by   gracejayeon
    I applied to CNM too..and getting really antsy!! I have been around my mail box for two weeks...and finally said "Hi" to the mail man who was distributing mails to each compartment. However, still, I am getting Babies R Us coupon book..It is so disappointing!! Why do they not just give us a call which is simple!!
  12. by   doulalala
    Has anybody heard anything yet? I'm in Vermont and still (impatiently & nervously) waiting. Eek!
  13. by   jpdx
    Nothing yet! I would assume based on previous years that we'll hear sometime in the next week? By now I'm pretty certain I'll be going to my other option school, but I am still so impatient to hear from OHSU and to know if it is even a possibility!