1. any NP programs that are totally online
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    Texas A&M Corpus Christi
    I will be starting this Fall
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    I have a post on here asking the same thing and someone posted a list of them. I ended up going with Uniersity of Saint Francis. They are completely online except you have to go up there for 1 weekend during the health assesment class. I didn't think that it was that bad so I went with them. Indiana State and Ball State are completely online with no visits.(they fill up quick)
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    I know Stonybrook University offers some programs online. In fact it offers most of its NP programs online.

    Good luck!!!
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    When you say "totally online" - how do they assess things like your physical exam skills?
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    Quote from ghillbert
    When you say "totally online" - how do they assess things like your physical exam skills?
    When a program in online you the student have to set up a preceptor within your community. Basically you don't have to show up on campus but you have to set up the preceptor. Usually schools that have such programs have nurses who are affiliated with the school and it is from this list that the student can choose someone from the school list/database or someone within your health community.
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    From reading, it seems fairly common to get stuck having to set up your own clinicals AND NOT finding any preceptor---I was considering Seton Hall (New Jersey) on-line NP program, but I don't know if they provide you clinical hours...and I also heard you may have to do clinicals---IF you FIND them--in New Jersey itself (NYork, at least, has not yet decided whether to permit students from Seton Hall's NP program to legally perform clinicals in NY State....thank God I read these posts first!---once again, this website has been a tremendous help, which is why I gladly pay for a PREMIUM membership every year