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Ugh! I am getting to the point where I hate just about everything. I just finished my first semester in my MSN program. Hated every minute of it. I'm working 3/4 time right now... going to part time... Read More

  1. by   jeepgirl
    Quote from oldiebutgoodie
    I graduated in June, and will be starting an MSN program in January. However, for a while (probably 2 years) I will probably only take 2 or 3 courses, max, a year, and these are courses that you really don't need nursing experience to get through (statistics, research, epidemiology). But I agree with Suzanne that the clinical classes should be taken later.

    couldn't imagine taking clinical courses right now with all that is going on. i delayed taking any for over a year in my plan of study - Fall 2006.
  2. by   imenid37
    Wow! You are really busy. I just finished the one course I was taking. I felt stressed. I work full-time (LDRP/NSY/GYN) and have a part-time side job too, doing infant hearing screens at another hospital. My 3 girls are teenagers. I am married to a man who behaves more like a 12 year old boy than the 42 year old man he is supposed to be. It is rough for me, but you are really overextended. I hope everything works out w/ you and the new little one on the way. I went back for my BSN right out of school in 1987 and finished in 1990. I was going to take 1-2 years and go for the MSN, but my daughter got really ill w/ JRA. I just couldn't have gone to school then, so here I am now. I am still younger than a lot of my classmates, at 40. You have a long life ahead. You don't have to be in the fast lane at all times. "Speeding" really is hazardous to your health. Take time to enjoy a little bit of life. I wish I had not overextended myself to do many of the things I did years ago. I would work all night and then clean the house all day. I would drive 50 miles on a couple of hours sleep to take my daughter to the rheumatologist, because it was "too hard" for my husband to take off work. Actually, he works for the gov't and didn't want to, but could have. As someone who has sacrificed their health (I have migraines and GI problems out the wazoo) to do it all, I'd encourage you to take care of yourself. If others are encouraging you to go to school, like your hubby, then don't just ask, expect him to help and hold him to it. You only have one life and one body. Take care of yourself. I truly wish you well. Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time off from school.
  3. by   kim00mik

    my heart goes out to you when i read your post. please take care of yourself... you're busy taking care of other people but YOU deserve to be happy too. i hope everything works out!