Graduate Level Pharmacology???

  1. So I've recently been looking into getting an MS with an emphasis in Midwifery or Women's Health. And of course they require a master's level pharmacology course.

    Naturally, I freaked out a little. In nursing school, I made a high "C" (77 or 78 I believe) in Pharmacotherapeutics. Now, i'm sure you can understand why I'm a little worried, as that grade isn't really what I was wanting.

    How awful is Graduate pharm? Any tips or words of encouragement?
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Moved to the post-grad forum (vs. the GN forum) to encourage responses.
  4. by   ghillbert
    I loved it, honestly. Yes, it was work but I found it really interesting. There's a lot of study and memorization, but I didn't find it "hard". I did it at the same time as advanced patho and did great.
  5. by   anny08
    It was a GREAT class. My professor was a difficult one, but I made it through ok. You do have to study a lot but it's all worth it in the end. So far it's one of the classes I've learned the most in by far out of my MSN program.
  6. by   iteachob
    Graduate pharmacology.....never studied so hard in my life....well, maybe Stats required as much effort. But, I loved it.
  7. by   CCRNDiva
    I'm one of those people who actually enjoyed my undergraduate pharmacology class. I'm currently taking advanced pharm along with advanced physiology. I feel like the physiology course really helps with the advanced pharm but I feel lost in physiology (I hope this makes sense). I really enjoy pharm and we have a great instructor (she is a PharmD and an ACNP). We had our first exam this week and I got a 96%!!
  8. by   nerdtonurse?
    I think you might find it easier since you've practiced as a nurse; I know I was pulling my hair out in my pharma class in LPN school because other than things like my mom's BP meds, I just didn't know that much about medicines. I'm thinking (hoping) that when I get to that point, I will have enough experience in my "drug tree" to hang all these new fruits on it so I can remember it...
  9. by   jjrodriguez
    Compared to undergraduate pharm, how would one rate the difficulty of Advamced Pharm? I loved and excelled in undergrad Pharm and Patho. I took it at UTA and we had excellent professors, plus I loved those classes. I've been hearing about the difficulty of these classes but have not seen any comparison to undergrad Pharm.