Duke ABSN Spring 2010, anyone?

  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to see who else has applied to the Spring cohort...and is waiting for word of an interview etc. The waiting part is the hardest for me.

    Also, does anyone know of any other ABSN programs out there that are opening up a Spring cohort?

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  3. by   ICU11
    Have you had your interview yet? Better yet, did you get accepted? I go on Fri. for my interview! I am so impatient with all this waiting!
  4. by   JustJane2008
    Good luck! I'm sure you did very well. Mine was a semi disaster. I barely got to finish the whole thing in time... :-P

    No one else seems to have posted on acceptances or their status in general. News anyone?? And theres only one more Friday of interviews left...maybe they are announcing all the decisions at the same time? I barely had time to ask them when decisions would be sent out---probably 4 to 5 weeks....blah. Well, I've waited a year, whats more 5 weeks.

    Fingers crossed for us.
  5. by   snvplayer
    I had a phone interview on 15th, wendesday.

    For some reason, I got really nerveous and my voice started to shake halfway through the interview.

    I thought I did ok in some questions, and sort went around illogically on the others. I managed to finish the entire thing in a little less than 30 min. But I think they would understand if you went a little overtime, because it's impossible to precisely time yourself. In the end, you want to say all the things you want to advertise(?) yourself.

    I am really anxious to find out as well.
  6. by   JustJane2008
    Hey! Thanks for responding!

    Mine went fairly well...and then my phone died. By the time it restarted about 10 minutes already passed. Which also gave me ample time to realize that I was in the middle of an interview with Duke, which my wonderful Sprint cellphone was ruining.

    On the brighter side, at least they'll remember me for messing up the interview...I didnt expect the interview to be so formal though.

    Keep us updated. I'll do the same :-)
  7. by   ICU11
    I went in person yesterday. They told us they are filling 56 spots and like 70 of us interviewed, so that is pretty good odds unless I am missing something. Also they told us they are reviewing apps and should have an answer the first week of August. Fin. aid came and let us know they extended the scholarship deadline to Aug. 1st and that essays should be 500 words or less (fine as is if you have turned it in already). The campus is BEAUTIFUL and the program sounds completely fantastic.
  8. by   ckgdurham
    Has anyone heard yet?? I interviewed the 10th and its killing me.
    Anyone apply to UNC also?

    I love Duke's program but the cost is absurd considering nursing salaries...
  9. by   ICU11
    I am applying to UNC ABSN also. I am a little worried about doing that program with a family. It seems the Duke program would be a little easier. I wish I could talk to some grads about what being in each program is like. I am concerned about the cost of Duke's program but with the reimbursement, job placement, and ridiculous waiting lists everywhere else I might go anyway. I am also a little worried about getting in to UNC's 14 month program. I am less confident that I know what the heck they are looking for. I will definitely have to get a Masters to justify going to Duke. I am having a really hard time waiting to find out if I got in!
  10. by   ICU11
    Anyone know what a typical week looks like at these schools?
  11. by   ckgdurham
    I totally understand! My first pick is Duke, but the cost is concerning me. I was banking on the reimbursement from Duke Hospital, which is great, but what if in 2 years they have removed it!?! Thats is a 50k swing in cost!
    My other issue that I can't apply to UNC's ABSN until I complete prereqs this December. I am kinda stuck in a weird spot.
  12. by   dukehellokitty
    Duke has changed their reimbursement policy from 3 years to 1 year in an amount of 10K Max and that's only if you work in ICU unit if I remember correctly. It is on Duke's website
  13. by   ckgdurham
    Can you post the link to where this is? Did you notice when this takes place?
  14. by   ICU11
    That reimbursement policy must have changed in the last week then- it was on the slides Fin. Aid showed during Duke Days.