Columbia University ETP 2008

  1. [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]So where are the potential 2008 Columbia ETPers at? I think a handful of regulars around here have Columbia on their list of apps, so heres a thread to get us through until notifications in Spring 2008. If you'd like, reply here and let us know which specialty you are trying for! I just submitted my app online for Acute Care...Good luck everyone!
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  3. by   Bree124
    I'm applying to Marquette for their direct entry program, not Columbia... but I am still on pins and needles. I haven't come across anyone else on here who is applying to Marquette, so I am butting in on your thread!

    What was your first degree in? Does Columbia require the GRE?

    I am appying to MU for nurse midwifery, or possibly acute care. We don't have to declare until 6 months or so after acceptance, and then we interview for a slot in the program we want.
  4. by   coopsc1
    I have appled for the summer 08' start as well. I am still in the process of taking the GRE. Other than that everything else is in. I have not received an email from the school yet but I think it will take some time. Good luck, and let me know if you hear anything...
  5. by   SteveNNP
    Good luck guys!

    I am in Columbia's traditional MSN- NNP program, but I work with several ETP-ers, both in school, and taking the 1 year off between degrees. (NNP program)
  6. by   Asherah
    Quote from Bree124
    What was your first degree in? Does Columbia require the GRE?
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]I received my BA in Psychology from UCLA in 2004. Columbia does require the GRE for the ETP program, they would like to see scores in the 50th percentile, I believe (as per their FAQ). Good luck with Marquette.
  7. by   RedHead85
    Quick question about apps- the website states they want all supplemental materials in one packet. I applied online and uploaded my resume and statement there. Do I still have to include this in my supplemental materials? I would say no, but I just thought I'd double check since I'm getting conflicting information!

    Good luck to you all!
  8. by   Asherah
    No, I phoned them to check this as well and if you uploaded the resume and statement the only items you would need to include are your transcripts and recs (if they were not done online).

    As an aside, I sent my package Priority Mail (with Certified services) and as of now, the USPS has declared my package lost (sent on 10/25, hasn't arrived yet). I have to rush around and get 2nd copies of recs and transcripts before the deadline in case that original package doesn't show up. Just a word of caution if using USPS. Grr.
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  9. by   RedHead85
    Oh man , that's horrible. I definitely feel for you..I don't even know how I would go about getting a second copy of recs. So stressful. I'm wondering if I should use FedEx..hmm. Thank you for the information about the supplemental materials. It has been a crazy ride getting these apps together, nice to know I'm almost done with some. I hope it all works out for you.
  10. by   byrd262
    Just a tip...Send your materials DHL or UPS. I opened a DHL account online which allows you to order shipping stuff for free (sent to your home), print labels from your home computer and then you drop off where you see DHL drop boxes. You never have to stand in a line and all shipments come with a tracking number. You get guarenteed shipment times (i.e. 10:30am, 12pm, 3pm, and end of the day). Each drop-off location has it's own pick up time (i.e. 4pm, 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm).

    It's the best service ever. I sent a package from Phila to Connecticut and I dropped it off at 6:30pm and it was at the school by 10:28am the next day. Of course this was express service but they have ground too.

    I hope you find this useful.
  11. by   shortcake15
    hi does anyone know if the deadline date nov. 15 means that all materials can be postmarked by that date or if it means that all materials must reach their office on that date? thanks.
  12. by   jbazoola
    Hi everyone. Haven't been on in forever. My head has been in text books rushing to get everything done in order to apply for 2008. Just got the last of my transcripts, waiting for one more recommendation (oh yeah and that pesky essay) and I'm finally done.

    Hoping to enter Columbia's ETP for Acute Care

    Good Luck Everybody!
  13. by   jbazoola
    I went to an online info session recently and someone asked this. They said they would accept a postmark of the 15th for the materials. I think I'm just going to go to the campus and drop off my materials, since I'm here in New York.
  14. by   coopsc1
    Hello all, does anyone know how the timeline occurs after the Nov. 15th deadline? Is there an interview process? When will they typically send out the acceptance letters? Many thanks.