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So where are the potential 2008 Columbia ETPers at? I think a handful of regulars around here have Columbia on their list of apps, so heres a thread to get us through until notifications in Spring... Read More

  1. by   joey86
    Hey everyone!

    I don't know if you guys already knew about this but there's a facebook group called:

    Columbia ETP Students (Summer of '08 Start)

    that about 35 people have already joined, you may want to check it out
  2. by   smit1989
    Has anyone started reading the two required readings we are supposed to have read by the start of classes? I just ordered them from Amazon and was able to get both, brand new, for $45 including shipping. It says on the accepted etp page that we will be discussing/tested on the material from these books. I guess I'd better start reading!!! Also, what is everyone thinking about textbooks? Are you going to wait and get them at orientation (I think we get 15% off the required texts if we do so), or try and get them used elsewhere?
  3. by   whatshesaid
    I was out of town until yesterday and just got the emails and set up my uni account today. I'm thinking of going the Amazon route to get the Med Math and Fadiman books.

    Is the list of required texts for the upcoming semester posted anywhere yet? I'm leaning toward getting them after the first day of classes just to see which texts are actually suggested by the professors. I heard that they mostly teach from PowerPoint Slides and that some of the books may not be necessary. Any current ETPers out there have any advice on this?

  4. by   ICU08
    Hey new ETPers,
    If anyone is in the NYC area prior to your start date, I would like to sell my text books. I am just finishing up the ETP portion and I will be moving out of state, so I do not want to take them with me. Please feel free to email me at scg2118....the rest is the columbia email which you all should know, so feel free to get in touch and we can negotiate a price and you can come pick them up.
  5. by   Stef82
    Hey everyone! I was on the waitlist and just got my acceptance letter today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to have to scramble to get all my stuff together before school starts, but I am soo excited! I'm relocating from California, so this is a big move for me. I have so many questions! If someone would be awesome enough to get in touch with me so I can get in on all of this that would be so nice! I'm going to go over and join the facebook group now.

    Also, I didn't get any housing info so I'm guessing I'm all on my own there. Anyone looking for a roomate?
  6. by   PurpleBee
    Hi Stef82!
    Congratulations!!!! It must feel pretty good knowing you're in, eh? What specialty are you?
    I personally encourage you to read this thread and others pertaining to Columbia ETP.. I, myself spent hours reading them. This way you'll get most of questions answered and there's no need to repeat what has been said already. But I also don't want to discourage you from asking new questions and posting whatever you have in mind, so keep posting here!! Yeey, congrats again!!! Take care

    ps: You can PM me and get in touch through phone.. that's the easiest and fastest way.
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  7. by   KEM1
    Congratulations Stef82!! You've got to feel so excited! I have a contact, PM me if you want details
    Good luck!
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  8. by   Stef82
    Thanks for the welcomes! I am in the Adult and Women's Health track. Can't wait to meet everyone and get started!
  9. by   fnp4me
    Congrats Stef82!!
  10. by   PurpleBee
    I started looking for private student loans this week and I applied to only 2 thus far. I applied with a co-signer and this is what I received:

    1) Sally Mae -- Interest Rate: 4.50 (this varies and is based on a simple calculation: Prime Rate - 0.75 . The prime rate is what changes frequently, and at this very moment the prime rate is 5.25. The 0.75 was calculated based on the credit check and who knows what)
    2) Citi Bank -- Interest Rate: Prime Rate - 0.5% (when I called, they told me that the primary is 6% and so my interest rate would be 6-.5 = 5.5%)

    Both lenders gave me the entire amount I asked for, their interest rates are variable, they charge no penalties for paying the loan sooner, and they both offer a grace period of 6 months after graduation (or dropping up to part time student or leaving school). This is a nice website to track down the Prime Rate. As you can see, this month PR is 5.25 and a year ago was 8.25

    I haven't yet decided on the loan, although it's pretty obvious Sally Mae is more convenient. Could you share your Interest Rate and from whom you obtain it from? Should I keep hunting? I had a lot of stress and frustration over this matter. Good luck!
  11. by   fnp4me
    For private loan purposes, are we considered undergraduates or graduate students??
  12. by   PurpleBee
    Undergrad, because we are getting our BS. If you remember when filling out FAFSA, Oscar told us to say that we are 5th year undergrads.
    When taking private loans, you get better deals for undergraduate studies.
  13. by   fnp4me
    Did everyone get their welcome card and gift from the alumni association? I have a feeling we'll be using it a lot - lol