Classes to prepare you for the GRE?

  1. Are there any? I need to take one.
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  3. by   romie
    Check the websites of all the nearby universities, as they might have a preparation class that is substantially less expensive than commercially available courses.
  4. by   whiskeygirl
    Kaplan has one
  5. by   romie
    Many of the commercial programs like Kaplan are very very expensive. If you are in Chicago, UIC has a GRE prep program called GRE @ UIC. It is about two months long and cost around $300 as opposed to Kaplan, which can run to more than $1000.
  6. by   JBudd
    I just bought a prep book at Hastings, studied it, did the free online practice tests and then passed it just fine.

    The next semester my school decided to quit requiring it. :trout: