Anyone applying to direct entry msn programs in California?

  1. Hello everyone!

    Is there anyone out there applying to direct entry MSN programs in California?

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  4. by   chairol
    I am also from northern ca applying for direct entry msn programs. I applied to UCSF, USF, SFSU, Samuel Merritt. I did not get an interview for UCSF. I already got accepted to USF...but USF doesn't have a FNP track. I was admitted to the healthcare leadership track. I am waiting to hear back from SFSU (a general direct MSN program) and Samuel Merritt (FNP). Does anyone know what you can do with a MSN in healthcare leadership?
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  6. by   Asherah
    I've applied for UCLA M.S.N./MECN program for the Fall 2007 term, waiting until mid-March for a decision!
  7. by   Testa Rosa, RN

    I've applied to Samuel Merritt's ELMSN program. Have a prior business degree and 12 years experience in the corporate world, so felt the case managmenet track was a better fit for me. However, after surviving breast cancer and helping two parents die before their time all while raising a special needs child, I feel called into active bedside nursing. So, in all honesty, RN is my immediate goal. With that in mind, I've also applied to the CSU East Bay BSN program. I'm a Walnut Creek Mom of three, so proximity/expense are important considerations. Although, even if I opt to pursue only the BSN for now, my five year plan will be to go to Samuel Merritt for my MSN eventually. My A+P professors have encouraged me towards SMC, and they have all told me it's an excellent school with a good reputation. I've found the staff I've talked to thus far to very helpful. I too am awaiting word on an interview.

    Good luck and many blessings on your journies,
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  9. by   diddle
    hey everyone!

    good luck to all of you!

    This waiting period has been really tough for me...but I have also been accepted to USF's Clinical Nurse Leader track, so it comforts me to know that I have a back-up option. Chairol--I think both of our tracks our relatively the same at USF. The difference is that a CNA certificate is required for the CNL track upon program entry, therefore making the program 18 months rather than 22-24 months. But I think in both cases we will be Masters prepared level RNs, and probably most of the work that we would do would be in a hospital setting. Since we would be masters prepared, I think we would have slightly higher salaries, and maybe even qualified to do more "management"-type posititions?? I don't know though. Does anyone else out there know?

    My plan actually is to be an FNP, so if I go to USF I guess I would work a few years as an RN and then do a post-masters FNP certificate program...we'll see!

    And I interviewed at UCSF for the FNP track and I won't hear back until March 1st! And I also applied to Samuel Merritt's ELMSN program. I applied to other schools that aren't in the area, but I would REALLY like to stay in the bay area.

    BerkeleyMom--thanks for telling me about this thread! Where do you live in Berkeley? I live here too! Right off of Gilman.

    Anyways, take care and good luck!

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  11. by   Kensington
    Hi, everyone!

    I'm in Northern Cal as well (Berkeley, too!), and am looking into Direct-Entry programs now. I just started another prereq this semester -- Lifespan Psychology. I was going to take Anatomy, but Merritt College cancelled my class for the semester. I really love the psych class though!

    My plan is to apply to Samuel Merritt for the FNP track, starting 2008. Very exciting! Although, I've also started to become interested in Midwifery.

    Good luck to all of you!
  12. by   rockybeanz
    Hi everyone, I too just recently applied to SMC. Wheew, i tried to pour my heart out in the goal statement and im waiting nervously for a reply from them. I hope we all get in . . .considering the fact that we are all on this nurseforum trying to find the same answers.
    I spoke to a few of the counselors at smc and they are great, very helpful, informative and most of all honest and compassionate. It's unfortunate that they only accept a very small amount of applicants each year, and I am not sure how many people actually apply. I live in the Bay area, by the airport and would really want to go to the oakland campus. Im crossing my fingers everyday, since i've heard taht smc is a very good school that focuses on their students incredibly well. . . good luck, good luck good luck, the world is in need of compassionate and genuine nurses. . .I was told the other day that its the FIRST week of march that we'll start finding out if we got in or not. Till then.
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  14. by   Winnie04
    Hi BerkeleyMom,
    I applied to UCSF this fall (wasn't granted an interview..) and before I applied I called admissions to ask if I should really put a first and second choice on my application...I was also confused about how that worked. The woman I spoke with said that direct entry applicants shouldn't bother putting a second choice, and she said something like "trust me, we only look at your first choice." So it seems like the opportunity to indicate your second choice might just be for traditional master's applicants...even though the application doesn't say so.