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  1. by   Asherah

    Argh, you have no idea...oh wait, YOU DO! In my case I chose to apply to one school (UCLA) as I really did not believe myself to be a competitive candidate for Yale, Columbia, UCSF or JH during the application process.

    As the UCLA notification date draws near I find myself second guessing myself and the different components of my application that I could have presented in a better way, better grades, personal statement, etc. I just continuously stop and remind myself that I put my best foot forward and if its meant to be then it shall be. If not, there is always the next go 'round.

    I just wish I had applied to other schools this time around and had the chance to see if I've had enough of what they were looking for to make it!
  2. by   pivotpivot
    You would not believe the paranoia one goes through! Even just to get this interview I had to jump through hoops. Luckily they've agreed to give me a phone interview (first one in the history of CSULA's ELMN program) since I live in Vancouver. I feel relieved since it is a phone interview, but I'm also afraid that it may put me at a disadvantage. Another thing that's a downer is that I won't have other applicants to bounce ideas off and I won't be able to get a feel for what my class/cohort will be like.

    I look forward to the program. Now that everything is becoming finalized, I'm relieved... no more head shakes of disappointment from my family for graduating with a degree I couldn't make good use of.

    God bless direct entry programs!
  3. by   rockybeanz
    Hope your doing good, and the stress and anxiety level as declined. . How'd the interview at SMC go? :hatparty: Was it a panel or just one person interviwing you. I can't wait for their reply, let us know asap. okay?? Stay in touch.
  4. by   BerkeleyMom
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  5. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    Hello Everyone:

    Had my interview with Samuel Merritt for ELMS-Case Management on Monday. There were three interviews held at the same time, so three of us were in the waiting room together but we each went to different interviewers for one-on-one interviews. There was no request for confidentiality with CM interviews--probably becuase it's less impacted than the NP program--so I feel OK in letting you all know about the interview process. But, in all honestly, there is little to let you know as it was a very conversational process. I probably asked more questions than were asked of me. The only question I can remember was why the ELMS Case Mgmt over the Acclerated or NP program....and if you knew my background it was an obvious answer. My recommendation is to be honest and put all your cards out on the table. The woman interviewing me was a high level professor, and a very intuitive sort. It was clear she had me figured out within five minutes, and I was able to mine her for valuable advice about what to do to prepare for nursing school over the summer.

    We had a shared history of recent deaths and hardships, so she understood my motives completely. She also understood my roadblocks to accepting any offer from SMC and made sure I had appropriate information. She ended the interview by stating that she would be recommending me for early admission and that I needed to make some hard decisions fairly soon.

    Everyone there is just so wonderful and the college is clearly excellent. I would so love to get my degree at SMC, but am finding the thought of taking on that level of expense just heart-stopping. My parents already paid once around for my MBA, and I have kids to raise and put through college soon. Given that I do want to get into case mgmt one day, I will probably go the CSU BSN route, and then go to SMC for my Masters. It will be about $60,000 cheaper and in this way and less daunting....although longer timewise.

    Regarding my stats, I have a 3.7 GPA overall with my entire lifes course work...tons of units with my poorer grades from when I was a young San Diego surfer girl; but think I have all A's in all the core prereqs that SMC expects, with an exception of a B in chem. I scored just average on the NET, as I took cold it in the middle of finals. Can't remember my score exactly anymore, want to say it was 83. But I did include my GRE and TEAS test scores in my package, which were very strong. I also had 8 letters of recommendation: 2 from my prior work life....a career I loved until life pulled me in a different direction, 2 from my school career, 1 from my volunteer work at John Muir, 1 from the hospice nurse that helped me in care-taking for my parents in their final months, 1 from my kid's developmental pediatrician, 1 from my oncologist (breast cancer survivor)....don't think I included a couple of the letters though as they were TMI, and too personal and was scared if they asked questions around the issue I would end up a bawling mess. Also included my certificate for CPR and as a "Seizure awareness and first aid trainer" from the Epilepsy Foundation. Think I wrote a pretty good goal stmt letter too. But did it fast over a weekend, so it probably could've been better.

    I did water up a bit during the interview, when I was asked to talk in detail about some difficult experiences. But I caught it before it welled into a full blown tear. I was very proud of how I held it together--and the interviewer noticed and commented on this at the end.

    Also, there is a short written prompt, real easy and quick, they as you to do for 30 minutes after the interview. I did not get a chance to eat my breakfast that morning with rushing three kids and myself out the door. My interview was at 11am, and by the time it was over and I was seated to do my couple paragraphs it was 12:30 and the smells of food were all over that third floor. I finished that writing prompt in ten minutes.
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  6. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    Just wanted to follow up that I got a call today saying I was accepted into SMC Case Mgmt program.
  7. by   BerkeleyMom
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  8. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    Thanks BerkeleyMom:

    I still haven't decided what I'm going to do. It sucks that I don't have my parents to run stuff like this through with anymore....The hub feels like such an extension of myself that it's hard for me to work through decisions like this with he's El'cheapo, and scared of risks that involve money like this. So, while he keeps an open mind, It's pretty clear where his prefrences lay.

    I Will wait to see what happens with CSU if I can. Unfortunately, I don't find out if I have a seat there until end of May. I'm not getting any younger, and can't afford wasting time (hence the temptation to go the SMC route despite the expense).

    I haven't received the packet from SMC in the mail yet--they were mailing it on Friday--so don't know what it will take to hold my seat. I imagine a hefty deposit which will probably force me to make a hard decision.

    I already made the hard decision not to take the UCSF interview when it was made available to me. I realized, rightly, that with three kids and no parents to fall back on for support, the commute into SF was just not doable. If my mom were still alive, I would've done it in a heart beat and that would have been the cheapest, best option for me.

    For now, I'll bask in the fact that I have a seat somewhere come Fall. Very validating after everything I've gone through....after having everyone around me scratching their heads and saying, "you're gonna do what?!?!?why?!?!?don't you already have a good degree/good job....and after everything you've been through you think you'd be running the other way!"

    Yes, for CSU you can use prior BS units for the GE and just concentrate on nursing courses; however, you are still charged as a graduate student even though all you are gaining is another BS--but nowhere near the heart-stopping amount SMC charges.

    My prior BS was at another CSU, so it makes it easier as all my GE units were certified as transferable.

    Many blessings everyone, as we spin around making decisions on how we will weave our webs of the future. May yours be sure, strong and sound.
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  9. by   NrsCA
    congrats on your acceptance!!!

    I'm new to the message board and wanted to say hello to all the applicants!

    Did anyone else apply for the ELMSN-FNP program at SMC? Wow! That's a lot of acronyms!
  10. by   BerkeleyMom
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  11. by   NrsCA
    Hey Berkeley mom!

    Thanks for the welcome! I'm currently waiting for SMC before I make any final decisions. I was accepted to programs on the east coast but would really rather stay in the bay area... mainly because I ultimately want to practice in the bay area so staying around here would be beneficial in the long run. You know, in terms of networking and gaining associations with hospitals/clinics/clinicians around here.

    So how did your interview go? I saw that you said they asked for everyone to keep it confidential.. . but how did you feel about it after? Good thoughts? I'm sure you did GREAT!!! Lets hope people post AS they get in, that would give everyone an idea of what SMC is doing!
  12. by   BerkeleyMom
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  13. by   rockybeanz
    Hey BERKMOM,
    HOw are you and have you been enjoying the weather out in Berzerktown? I love Berkeley when it's hot, so many people out, so many things to eat, and so much grass to lay in.
    Anyhow i was just checking up on you and wondering if SMC has decided to admit you yet?
    I sure hope they do, the world would be a better place with a nurse like you

    Take care and stay in touch.

    Nothing for me yet. . .