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Hi everyone-- Has anyone else out there applied to the UCSF MEPN program? They're supposed to send out letters this month (December) for the interview process. Has anyone gotten a letter yet? Will... Read More

  1. by   schmooper
    Don't forget, UCSF has a housing department as well. There are apartments and rooms in houses in the Parnassus area, and apartments at their Mission Bay campus as well. UCSF's housing prices look like they are cheaper than the current market rates. And it would probably be a good opportunity to meet other students, nursing and non-nursing. The Mission Bay area looks beautiful!
  2. by   Hopeful Nurse is probably the best place right now. If I hear anything, I can post it for you guys.
  3. by   CaliforniaGirl2
    I did not know this UCSF forum existed...LOL. I am new to this thread but have been following the other (6 page) UCSF thread. I am in too for cardiovascular CNS and so is my twin sister for peds!!!!! we are so excited!!!!! June 16th is so close!!!!!!! Congrats to everyone so far and I cannot wait to meet you all!

    Trying to figure out the financial aid stuff right now, a little confusing but it looks like it's due April and will be handed out during orientation in June!
  4. by   SASYR
    Okay - I think I'm ready to join the festivities. Up until now, I've been pretty blog/thread-shy, but I've been coming to this thread for comfort now and again

    Well, I just found out today that I got into the FNP program!! I sympathize with all of you, the stress and anxiety you have been under throughout this process, and the anxiety you still might be feeling if you haven't heard back yet.

    I was in the 1/16 morning interview group. I didn't socialize much that day, so I doubt I met many of you, but perhaps we exchanged a nervous smile

    I look forward to meeting my cohort soon. Perhaps there will be an orientation soon. We have a tough year ahead of us!
  5. by   gardeniagrove
    Hey all, Congrats! Has anyone heard anything from Midwifery?
  6. by   angl625
    congratulations everyone!! i received the email earlier today and waited until just a few minutes ago to actually log-in and read the letter...haha, i'm soo excited!! i look forward to meeting all of you~
  7. by   Hopeful Nurse
    Out of curiosity, how much time are you all going to take off before school starts? I was thinking a month, but my husband and rest of my family thinks I should only take 2 weeks.

    Current MEPNs, any suggestions or insight? How much time did you guys take off?
  8. by   tsscal
    i'm thinking about taking 6 weeks off! i wanna clean house, get organized, take a trip, have fun, relax, and enjoy myself before diving into MEPN madness.
  9. by   Hopeful Nurse
    I totally agree. I want a fresh start before staring this program!
  10. by   tsscal
    hopefulnurse, we've replied to each other's posts a lot over the last several months. tell me about yourself! where do you live? where are you working now? what specialty? etc? i'm tony in oakland, 28 yo, working as a triage assistant at a community health clinic in berkeley, going for the FNP specialty.
  11. by   kflagg
    thought i'd add my voice to the happy crowd. i found out i got in yesterday, too-to the fnp specialty. for me, it was more like a sigh of relief than anything else. now i can finally start to plan my life. but of course it's so exciting too. in three years, we'll all be nurse practitioners. how astonishing and wonderful!

    my name is kirsten. i work as nutrition asst. with wic on the central coast. i met a lot of folks at the 23rd PM interview. i hope they got in too. i enjoyed talking with them that day. i look forward to meeting all of you soon.

    my big thing now is also finding housing...for those who are not familiar with the bay area, do make sure to check out craigslist; it's really the only place to look. apartments near ucsf are among the cheapest in the city, so that's something to consider. if you don't have a car, think about where housing is in relation to public transport. ucsf is right along the N line which is fast and frequent. and the good news is that rents are falling. and hopefully they will keep falling.
  12. by   ysinx
    I know that you need to have anatomy, physiology, and statistics completed prior to entrance. However, I think that at some point I heard that you must also have developmental psychology in order to take the rn exam?
    Does anyone know anything about this?
  13. by   CaliforniaGirl2
    Does any know if UCSF has housing such as dorms? Or are we on our own for housing?