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Hi everyone-- Has anyone else out there applied to the UCSF MEPN program? They're supposed to send out letters this month (December) for the interview process. Has anyone gotten a letter yet? Will... Read More

  1. by   JohnOnOahu
    Hi Friends! Lots happening on the board, LOL! I must have missed a post from Newt...I see lots of references to a post about a theory he had, but cannot find the original theory. (I am using my iPhone to read/post, so maybe that's why.)

    In any case, I am at my sister's house in Fairbanks, AK and left on Sunday without having received a letter... I am sure it got there on Monday but I won't see it until Thurs evening.

    It may very well be that admissions folks were reading the board (I got that much from the references to Newt's post) but I'd be surprised if they put any major weight on it....just seems like they have many better indicators of a persons potential than a few random posts on the web.

    In any case, I'll let y'all know my status when I get home...

    Happy Holidays!
  2. by   Newtonian
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  3. by   star77
    After reading the dialog on here, I thought that there was some true animosity between folks, and I was surprised- I'm glad to know it was friendly banter.
    It might be the fog in my head making me misread stuff- I've been sick as a dog since the 23rd, ugh. Can I stay home? Nope: Working in an understaffed clinic means I have to pop the sudafed and suck it up unless I feel the Reaper knocking at my door. I'd give anything to be able to sleep for the day. Blech.

    Tippy, I hope you get an interview!

    Newt, I wish we had ours the same day, because I do want to meet you.
    Elena, I sent you a message, and I'd love to meet you on the 25th.
    Is anyone else interviewing at a clinic outside the campus for their second one?

    Hope all is well with everyone. Happy New Year, and be safe.
  4. by   fibergirl
    well, i have yet to return to Boston, but my boyfriend returned today to check on my cat and get my mail... and i got the "No thanks" letter from UCSF. Which is surprising in some regards, and not in others. After reading all the credentials of posters on this board, I really do wonder if it isn't a bit more of a lottery system than the other schools.

    I'll add mine -- I do think it helps to see that there is really a wide range of experience and credentials applying to the program. I have a BA (GPA 3.1) with tons of leadership experience from a top-tier liberal arts school, and a 4.0 in all my post-bac work (A&P, Micro, etc.) So overall I have a 3.7 in my last 90 credits. GRE 760V 660M 4.5W. Three years direct experience running a nonprofit program in my chosen specialty (geriatrics) as well as working in an inner-city ER, volunteering in several different hospital units, in the community, and in hospice. I speak beginning level spanish. Before I switched to healthcare, I ran a dot-com for five years, so I wasn't tracking for nursing all along.

    So that's my story. *shrugs*
    I do think that my essays for UCSF weren't the strongest I put out, since they were the first app due, but there you have it. So I'm disappointed, but not crushed. I got an interview at the University of Washington and at Yale... so obviously I did do *something* right! I guess I did somewhat expect that if I made the cut at UW I had a pretty good shot at UCSF. But apparently not.

    Good luck to all of you who got interviews, I hope all goes well. To everyone who didn't -- I really doubt there's any conspiracy going on. I'm sure they had their names picked a long time ago, and obviously what they're looking for is pretty damn hard to discern from the outside. Best of luck, everyone, and remember to be supportive -- we're all going through the same bs here!

  5. by   lananp
    Hi star77,

    I hope you are feeling better! And Tippy, I really hope you'll get your letter soon plus good news!

    My second interview is on van ness ave on 23rd; I don't have a clue what is there.

    Enjoy the holidays.
  6. by   birthrevolution
    Hello all! I was very happy to find a nice fat envelope in my mailbox when I returned from my Grandmother's house yesterday! Congrats to all who got interviews. For those who didn't, it sounds like you all have back-up plans, and there are lots of other great programs out there. Good luck!

    As for my "stats", I will say that I meet the minimum requirements that the admissions office said was needed to be competitive for GPA and exceeded them for GREs (I'm good at standardized tests). I also have a master's degree, significant research experience, as well as experience as a doula (volunteer and private) and I feel that I wrote strong essays and had strong recs. I don't know if that's helpful to anyone...

    Finally, I have absolutely no idea what people are talking about with regards to Chinese girls and conspiracy theories!

    Happy New Year everyone!
  7. by   star77
    I'm home from work. It takes moving a mountain to get out early at my clinic but I felt like I was about to fall over after taking sudafed and good ol' Vitamin I (Ibuprofen), so I figured it was time to lie down.

    So, as I'm sipping my cup of tea, and fighting vertigo on the couch, I figured I might as well check out what's up on the board.

    For those who didn't get a letter, don't give up. Everyone seems to have excellent stats and scores and wonderful experiences, which is true. I don't think it's a conspiracy, and although it might be a crapshoot, I tend to think the admissions folks are looking for something specific. I went through the rejection 2 years ago, and it sucked. This year I got an interview, and the only thing that has really changed is 1) I have two years of experience in a clinic doing a lot of autonomous patient care (I had four years of volunteering in the same clinic the first time I applied), 2) FNPs wrote my recommendations, and 3) I feel like my essay was very clear and concise. When I was rejected before, they told me that my essay was good, but was not as convincing as it could be. I think a lot weighs on our written words; they convey our personalities more so than our scores do.

    So, in any case, I'm 30 and doing this application. If you have your heart set on SF and you really think you should get a chance, take the time to go over your app with the admissions folks. They were really helpful in my case, and I must say, I'm glad I'm applying for a different specialty besides FNP- I'm going for ACNP, and my past two years of experience have brought me to this conclusion. It really was a blessing in disguise for me. I was also able to question other pathways- oo! PA?! Not as appealing as NP(diff philosophy, and I want my own license!)... MD? No, thanks, I like having a life without a beeper, plus health care has really changed...

    Alright, well, best of luck to everyone. I hope everyone gets their wishes.
  8. by   rwbabycatcher
    Now I'll know exactly who you are, Newtonian--you'll be the only one in a wig!

    And ok, to be honest, you strike me as an arrogant, condescending jerk. But your invitation to express that makes me like you just a little bit better.
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  10. by   Newtonian
    Quote from rwbabycatcher
    And ok, to be honest, you strike me as an arrogant, condescending jerk.
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    Quote from Elenaroo
    ...On the contrary I think you're an interesting and complex person and getting a window into that mystery...
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  12. by   czyja
    Quote from Newtonian
    There can be no mystery if I was never here to begin with.
    How sad! It looks liken Newtonian's paranoia has got the better of her/him. I wish Newtonion well.

    After reading the posts for the last few days I too began to get a little paranoid. I realized that I have provided sufficient information for a reader from the admissions dept to identify me and so I looked back at my old posts and began to ask myself if there was anything there I would not want the adcom to read. After a few minutes of reading I realized the idiocy of what I was doing. I may have put my foot in my mouth once or twice on allnurses but I have never been intentionally rude or mean. I have expressed my thoughts and opinions as honesty as I can. Hopefully some forum readers have found them comforting, usefull, or at least thought provoking.

    I have learned a great deal on allnurses. I have learned from nurses and nursing students from all over the world. I have been encouraged and comforted. I have had my ego stroked and my ego bruised. And I have thought a great deal about what I have read.

    I will not delete my posts. They contribute to a body of knowledge that is much greater than then sum of its parts and I hope it will be usefull for future readers.
  13. by   liz.c
    Yay! I finally got my mail today and received an invitation to interview for the FNP specialty on the 18th and 23rd! Good luck everyone!