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Hello All and Merry Christmas! I went through the motions at my local cc to begin my journey to MSN from LPN when I received devastating news.....I DONT QUALIFY for pell grants AND my student loan... Read More

  1. by   elkpark
    I've known plenty of LPNs who went to school (at a regular B&M nursing school) part-time while working part- or full-time as LPNs, and paid for the schooling out-of-pocket as they went. Is that not an option for you?
  2. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Good Luck!!!! Once you finish the ADN or whatever level you start your RN- funding your education will be easier as soon as you find and start an RN salaried position. Take your time and enjoy the ride. Try to find a position where the hospital or medical center helps with Tuition Reimbursement. Every degree I have is secondary to facility funded education!!!
  3. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    I second (or third) the idea of working for a Medical Center as a LPN fulltime and using those educational benefits for your ADN. One of the hospitals in my city provides $5000/year in tuition assistance for full-time LPNs to pursue their ADN. And the local community college has a part-time ADN program just for CNAs and LPNs (one evening plus Saturday classes). Those employee benefits cover 100% of the tuition/fees at the community college (the LPN only pays for books).
  4. by   brown eyed girl
    Happy new year to you all! Im gonna see what the cc fin aid office says when they open back up tomorrow or Wednesday. I have been in contact with the ga bon regarding the clinical/preceptor hours required to no avail. Even though it will be a serious strain on us financially, I am willing to go the ec route but I cant get a clear answer on which set of hours if any I have to complete and where do you go to get these hours. Im definitely motivated to do ec mainly because im ready to get my first set of degrees to get me out of the nursing homes. Don't get me wrong, I love my patients but I need more in way of education and experience. I found out the answer to my own question through a random conversation with a family member a few days ago, which let me know its time to move on with my education and job experience. Im not happy being in ltc because its too predictable and my facility like so many is unorganized and willing to sacrifice patient care for the bottom line. I did a med/surg skills check off for an agency the other day and, some of the diseases and disorders I remember from school but, sadly have no memory of how they happen let alone how to manage them. Plus, working in ltc has hindered me from branching out into other settings of nursing here in GA because the powers that be feel that as an LPN you are unskilled which is untrue. Ive learned so much being in ltc and wouldn't trade my experiences for anything but, it seems the only way I can learn more and do better financially is to go back to school. Sorry for the rant. I just need to get my feelings out to people who understand where im coming from. Its a new year and I refuse to settle for what I want in my career any longer. I choose to live, work, and play out loud!