Accepted Accelerated Johns Hopkins Students

  1. Is anyone else is intending or considering Hopkins for the 13.5 month program staring in June 2006?
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  3. by   birthmamaew
    I am in this program now. Please feel free to email me privatley if you would liek some inside info!
  4. by   swerdydmb
    I have been accepted into the accelerated 2006 BSN program. I am anxious to talk to others about this, however, this website won't let me send responses or messages privately. Anyone else accepted that is planning on going, please get in contact with me!
  5. by   mvd737
    Just found out I was accepted and am totally psyched about it!!!... but I'm not 100% positive I'm going yet. I'm still waiting to hear from columbia, yale and BC but personally my decision is just between johns hopkins and columbia at this point. would love to talk to some perspective students
  6. by   naggytabby
    i saw your pots and you might want to check out this forum:

    "waiting on a letter from Yale (GEPN) and Columbia (ETP)???" on the graduate nursing forum for direct enrty folks

    there are lots of threads about applications, interviews, etc- they are mostly references to yale, columbia, bc and johns hopkins

    good luck- i remember the anxiety!!
  7. by   NaomieRN
    I wish you all the best of luck!
  8. by   janony

    I also just heard from Hopkins - although to be honest I am not compeltely sure which program I was accepted to! (I applied to both trad. and accel., and forgot to ask when I got the call). But I'm assuming since I heard this early, I'm probably accepted into the accelerated?

    Anyhow, I'm waiting till I heard from the Boston schools (I live in Boston now) before I make any decisions. Anyone had word yet from any of those?

    Are yall going to the admitted students day on March 3? I don't think I can, but I might visit another time.

  9. by   tofubeef
    I was accepted to the Traditional Program. I kinda can't believe I have to make a decision without my Financial Aid info. Has anyone else gotten the financial information? I was told we would hear about scholarships "mid march" which is a month after the deposit is due! I really want to attend Hopkins, but I'm not sure I can without knowing how I am going to pay for it!
  10. by   Peachy720
    When I got the rejection letter in December, I was CRUSHED for months.

    I had started to move on, but imagine my surprise when I got a call today from Mary!!!!!:roll

    I can't describe my feelings right now. One of the reasons I went ahead and applied to Hopkins when I knew it was a longshot was because as a kid, you're always told that you can be anything you want to be and where there's a will there's a way. Well, I worried more about work and kinda slushed around for 10 years. I wanted to see if that saying was true, and believe me guys, it is!!

    For anyone who received a rejection letter to their dream school this year, please take my advice and write a letter asking for reconsideration. Put your heart and soul into it!

    Oh, I'm pretty sure I'm accepted into the Traditional program. That's what I originally applied for. I was starting to get used to the idea of going to a 12-month program in Alabama, but I'll gladly enjoy every minute of Baltimore and JHU.

    Oh my gosh, guys. what in the heck am i going to do??? Accepted Students Day is in around 2 weeks..I have no money...need to get plane, hotel AND deposit down, plus sister's wedding's in a month, and furkid needs spaying and teeth cleaned?! **thud**

    If you guys are still reading, God bless you..I'm still going on adrenaline here and I am just crraaazy!!

    Thanks Jeanne, BirthMamaew, and Alana for comforting me when the times were tough (and even before I knew it)--can't wait to get to know all of you!! :hatparty:

    edit: OMG, I just realized the deadline for Merit Scholarships has passed!! I applied Early Decision and since I was rejected in December, didn't think I needed to fill out the essay/application..Heeelp!!
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  11. by   mvd737
    Congrats Peachy! I'm so excited for you I too am getting very excited about Hopkins. After a Lot of consideration I have chosen Hopkins over the others because everyone says such great things about the program. I am a bit nervous about the transition, but am very excited to start this career path. Good luck with the financial situation... I think its going to be hard on all of us for quite a few years but it will pay off in the end! I'll be at the accepted students day on March 3rd. Looking forward to it and to meeting you all. Congrats again!
  12. by   Peachy720

    CONGRATS on the decision, mvd (and thanks for the congrats)!! I've been following you in the Columbia/Yale thread..hehe, that sounds kinda stalkerish, doesn't it?:roll

    are you doing accelerated or traditional?

    where's everyone staying for ASD? I was going to stay at the place I had reserved for Open House (but Hurricane Rita had other plans)--the Sheraton North. But the Wyndham Inner Harbor has a non-refundable price of $101 a night. Can't beat that! Unless any of you wise souls can help a girl out on a better deal! (edit: heeey, AAA discount brings it down to $84 a night!!)

    Are you guys staying the weekend, or leaving on Saturday? I know last year, a lot of people went looking for housing, but it's probably too early for me--Craigslist will be very useful, I'm sure.

    what else? what else?
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  13. by   Peachy720
    Sorry to double-post, but I went ahead and started a Yahoo Group for us..I LOVED what Smile123 did for the entering class last year..seemed to help out in a LOT of areas!
  14. by   nycacoustic
    Hi there JHU students-to-be!! Congratulations to peachy, mvd, and the rest of you! thought I stop by to say "hi" and wish all of you the best of luck. I'll be attending Columbia starting at the end of May, and really we're all future RNs of Class 2006 and NPs, CNMs, etc! Again congratulations on your hard work thus far, and good luck in future endeavors! :hatparty: :hatparty: :roll