2013 UPenn BSN/MSN Applicants - page 40

Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program... Read More

  1. by   lifeismuzik
    I am not sleeping :-/ will distract myself by going to work tomorrow though.You all live cozy lives right now ha. Enjoy it before grad school!! :-)
  2. by   adt913
    I think if there was an award for most distracted worker in my department today, I would be the winner.
  3. by   FingersCross'd
    Haha I hardly slept. I had an awesome dream that all of us were accepted and freaked out here on allnurses. It was so great. But then I woke up. Mehhhhh
  4. by   PNPhopeful
    I kept waking up and being so scared that today is the day! I don't know how I'm going to make it through work today >.<
  5. by   jdp085
    good luck everyone! only a few more hours
  6. by   sarahcee
    Quote from lifeismuzik
    I hate to burst your bubble (and I hope I am wrong) but it isn't t-9. We find out at 3pm, not am :-/
    Clearly too distracted/anxious to do math lol. Only a couple more hours now though!
  7. by   sarahcee
    Jealous of the rest of you guys that get to spend the day going to the gym, baking, etc! At work trying to focus on the pile of stuff I have to get done today, but I can't say my productivity level has been very high. Have plans tonight with a friend to go to a wine bar either in celebration or to drown my sorrows. The only good thing is that I'm in PST so it feels like the news comes faster just because it's sooner in my day.

    Here's to sincerely hoping we all have cause for celebration!!!!
  8. by   lifeismuzik
    I have been jealous of you west coasters since I woke up at 8 am and thought that if I were sleeping like you all I wouldn't have to think about this. Or, that I could mini celebrate On my lunch break if I were you all.Bah.I can't check the website at work so I have to take a non cigarette break (I don't smoke) to check. I will be counting on you all to confirm that at 3 the results are up!
  9. by   sarahcee
    Luckily, I have access at work so you can count on me to confirm lifeismuzik! I'll probably start checking obsessively about 30 minutes before haha.
  10. by   lifeismuzik
    Thank goodness someone as neurotic as me has the connection!I am not sure if we should seek one another out to be friends at school because we are similar or if our combine neuroses may be a bad thing ;-)
  11. by   sarahcee
    LOL I know right??! I'm sure we will all be Type A students to some degree, but perhaps you and I take it to another level haha. I guess if we get in we'll have to depend on everyone else to force to do yoga and bake and other normal things so we don't go insane.
  12. by   hollysf
    I am in class right now and I CANNOT pay attention! I have had way too much caffeine already! I'm so antsy! I am so nervous! Weee!
  13. by   FingersCross'd
    I've been checking this thread obsessively! My power is out due to scheduled maintenance, aaahhhhh! It should come back on at 2:00. I sincerely hope we are all accepted so that we can carry out our plans for baking/yoga/puppies/houseshares and the works. 90 more minutes!!!!