Possible finger fx and no answer at home

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Why can't people just answer their phone? I get it, you work nights, I've done that too - but I always either answered my phone or had an emergency contact that did.

I have a stu in my office right now with a possible fx of her 4th finger - swelling, bruising, painful to palp and movement, decrease grip strength, can make a fist but reports severe pain with doing so - and either there is no answer or the phones are dc'd.

Any suggestions?

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Oh wow. I hate making those calls. Is there someone who can drive to the house for you and knock on the door? My Campus Monitor will do this for me in a pinch. Otherwise, maybe splint with a tongue depressor and keep trying. I really, really, really hate it when something like this happens. Hugs for the kiddo and for you too!

Soapbox warning: I am not a parent yet, I will say that up front. But if I was there is NO WAY IN HADES I would leave my child ANYWHERE where the people responsible for looking after them had no means by which to contact me. NO WAY! This has to be the most frustrating thing in School Nursing. Give me two dozen frequent flyers, 5 minute headaches, lice infestations, or invisible paper cuts. As long as I can get a hold of each and every parent, I am golden.

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Does he have any emergency contact #'s you can try? Also, I find that if a student calls from their own cell phone, sometimes the parent will answer.If not, Ice and splint...that's all you can do.

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Purple_Scrubs, I'm right there with you!!! Over the summer, my 22 month old daughter went to a preschool program at a local church in our town. The church is literally 1 1/2 miles from our house. On the emergency sheet, I listed the following numbers:

Our home number

My cell

My husband's cell

My parent's home

My mom's cell

My dad's cell

My grandmother's home

My grandmother's cell

My aunt's cell

My brother's cell

Yes...unless there's an atomic bomb, you are gonna get a hold of SOMEONE to take care of my child- haha!! Overkill?? Perhaps. But, I know that no matter what, someone is going to be reached.

I would have continued to call, sent someone to the home (we have an SRO at our schools, thank goodness!), and splinted it and iced it.

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Dad ended up calling back and coming to get her. I instructed dad to take to the doc for possible fx...fastforward to today...Called the stu from 1st period to see how she was doing. She is splinted with (don't know the proper name) the metal/cushioned splint and tape, so I ask her what the doctor said, the answer "I didn't go to the doctor". :rolleyes: I guess somebody at home put the splint on...I don't get people!

Yep! Sounds familiar.

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Very familiar :(

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