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  1. Hi! Im supposed to start nursing school in the fall and I was just wondering if there was any point? Ive wanted to be a nurse for a long time but I dont want to get into debt getting my BSN if I wont
  2. 2 years ago the health department delivered about 200 magnets and brochures to me for meningococcal b. My kids dont want them. I cant think of anything to do with all of them and they just take up spa
  3. Hey nurses! I need clarification. So I have worked on a Med/Surg unit with telemetry with remote monitoring and with rhythms showing at the nurses station. So my question is if a job or assignment is
  4. As a nurse, how can we protect our patients? As a patient, how can we know what we read in the reviews is true when there are websites that can be used to erase bad reviews.
  5. Hi everyone, I graduated ASN in June of 2020, work currently in a psychiatric hospital on the Dual unit. I work periodically on the adult psych and adolescent units. I want to continue my education. I
  6. Hello, our unit recently rolled out BIS monitoring for paralyzed patients. We already use train-of-four for monitoring paralysis. However, the education we were provided on the floor was pretty much h
  7. I am currently in an ABSN program which I regret going to, as the program has been absolutely hell. Currently no one in my cohort is passing due to the lack of support and learning materials through m
  8. carebear01

    System float?

    I’m thinking about leaving my current floor (inpatient rehab) to do system float (float to six hospitals within our system, all about 30-45 mins from my house). I have been in rehab for three years, b
  9. Did anyone take any courses through Straighterline and successfully transfer them to Nightingale College? Im interested in starting the BSN program at Nightingale College and Im looking to shorten my
  10. Hey all, hear me out. I am a new grad, and got a job June of 2020 at a hospital. Once I was on my own, I began having IMMENSE anxiety and depression. I got on an antidepressant for the first time in m
  11. Mattie Barone

    PICO help

    Here is my original pico question.... when working with limited English proficiency patients, what is the impact on patient satisfaction and safety between using professional translator options vs non
  12. Care of the patient undergoing surgery can involve a large variety of staff who come from a variety of specialties and settings. Here is a brief overview of some (but likely not all!) team members who may be involved in …
  13. so I was the charge nurse since we were short and I was the most senior nurse surprisingly at work. anyways one patient was complaining that the nurse was ignoring him. nothing was reported to me and
  14. I am a 26 y/o female. I am currently in my 2nd semester of nursing school. Classes are online via zoom due to covid except for clinicals. I have scoliosis and today I found out I need back surgery to
  15. Im curious as to what meds you are working with as a dialysis nurse. Are there many meds involved? If so, how do they help the patient undergoing dialysis? Im asking because Im thinking of getting int
  16. I get it, students slow you down..... I greatly appreciate any preceptor willing to take me on because I know it will slow them down. Which is why I do what I can to offset that for example, Ill chart
  17. Hi everyone! Im going to be a May 2021 new grad nurse and am looking for a nurse residency job in TX (between Austin and Houston). Ive applied to every hospital I was interested in except for Texas Ch
  18. I didn’t see a thread yet so I figured I’d start one. I’ve submitted my application and know that we have some time to go before decisions are made. 😩 How is everyone feeling about their applications?