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  1. Hey Everyone! Just wondering who else applied for the Fall 2021 ADN program at Grossmont College? If so how many points did you apply with? Are you applying anywhere else? I applied with 84 points to
  2. I am a 26 y/o female. I am currently in my 2nd semester of nursing school. Classes are online via zoom due to covid except for clinicals. I have scoliosis and today I found out I need back surgery to
  3. I mean, that are specific to your hospital. At my old hospital we were always supposed to say whether the pt needed flu or pneumonia vaccine, but guess what, in the year I worked there, I administered
  4. I get it, students slow you down..... I greatly appreciate any preceptor willing to take me on because I know it will slow them down. Which is why I do what I can to offset that for example, Ill chart
  5. Im curious as to what meds you are working with as a dialysis nurse. Are there many meds involved? If so, how do they help the patient undergoing dialysis? Im asking because Im thinking of getting int
  6. Hi everyone! Im going to be a May 2021 new grad nurse and am looking for a nurse residency job in TX (between Austin and Houston). Ive applied to every hospital I was interested in except for Texas Ch
  7. Hi everyone - I didn’t find a thread/topic for CMSV’s Summer 2021 ABSN program so I went ahead and made one. I just found out that I was accepted today and will be attending the program at the Riverda
  8. Hi there, Ive been working in primary care for several years now and find myself stressed by the short amount of time allotted to see each patient. I know this is the nature of primary care, but I don
  9. During this COVID pandemic, my roles in my facility have switched constantly. Prior to COVID, I was a unit manager for a rehab unit. Once COVID hit, they designated me to manage the COVID unit until w
  10. I am wanting to relocate to the USA, but when I graduated I wrote my CRNE, not my NCLEX. I am finding it difficult to figure out how to write my NCLEX. Are there any Canadians who have wrote the NCLEX
  11. Prabh jossan

    License Cancellation period

    Hi There, I have joined “allnurses” group just now. I am glad to see all well experienced people here. could anyone please suggest me that if a new license holder can’t start practising for some reaso
  12. I am going to apply for a regional anesthesia (staff) nurse position. What interests me about it is the schedule is 6am to 230pm m to Friday and every 8th weekend, and one major holiday requirement. I
  13. Do you train delegated care aides yourself or do you have a diabetes educator come in? The law in my state allows either. Im trying to decide which route to go.
  14. When you start your shift at 11 pm and finish getting report at 11:30, do you then have to wake up your patient to do your head-to-toe? I mean, of course you do have to. But it feels so wrong to wake
  15. I have been an RN for 14 years and have worked as a nurse manager for almost 2 years. I am starting to feel like I might want to return to floor nursing, med/surf, something with 3 12s per week. I fee
  16. I just have a general question about giving someone oxygen I was never really given a guide on this so I was wondering for example if I had a patient whose spo2 is 90 if this value is not normal for a
  17. Hey all, just looking for advice. Im graduating in May from an ADN program and just found out that my entire class already has jobs or interviews lined up. Im the only one I know of who wants to work
  18. I’ve been accepted to two online Family Nurse Practitioner programs: 1. University of Cincinnati 2. Frontier Nursing University All opinions about both programs are being considered in order to help m