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Poorly written letter of recommendation with typos, help!


I am in the process of applying to accelerated BSN programs. I believe I am a strong candidate as far as grades, extra curriculars, essays for apps, etc. And I have one very strong letter of rec from a former boss. However, my other letter of recommendation, which I have already sent out (she didn't allow me to read it beforehand), is poorly written. It is from my A&P professor who is brilliant in science, but not a very skilled writer. Although the letter is very flattering, it has a few grammatical errors almost as though she didn't proof it and it just doesn't read clearly in some parts. I am concerned this will affect my chances of getting into school. I would hope that the actual content of the letter is more important than the grammer, but I'm afraid it might appear as though I am not taking a credible A&P course. And the strange part is, she is one of the better professors I have had and I know she really likes me. Any insight is appreciated!

Thank you!


I don't think I'd get too worried about it. Frankly, the importance of grammar has suffered greatly over the past generation and it may be that no one will even notice! In my case, one of my best references is a brilliant physician for whom English is her third of fourth language; her intelligence does not come through on the page. That is something I believe admissions officers at any university will understand and hold no bias against the applicant.

I agree with the above poster. Your professor most likely wrote the letter on a university letterhead. It will be obvious to the BSN office personnel that the letter is from a credible source. Good luck to you!


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If you weren't allowed to read it before she sent it out how do you know that it's so bad?

If you weren't allowed to read it before she sent it out how do you know that it's so bad?

Since the letter already went out I don't see how you could do anything about it.

Thanks for the kind words mammac5 and coffeemateCNA! Makes me feel a little bit better!!


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