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POLL - All CPNE takers please


CPNE Attempt

  1. 1. CPNE Attempt

    • Pass - Without Workshop
    • Fail - Without Workshop
    • Pass - With Workshop
    • Fail - With Workshop
    • Would recommend taking a workshop to other students before CPNE attempt

96 members have participated

There is a lively discussion of pass rates of those who have attempted the CPNE. Please vote if you passed or failed the CPNE without a workshop, passed or failed the CPNE with a workshop. The poll is multiple choice, SATA (select all that apply). If you failed without a workshop, but then took a workshop and passed - click both!!!

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I took an in-person workshop (Sheri Taylor in ATL) & a care planning class, twice (No sweat clinical bootcamp). I knew care planning was my BIGGEST weakness that is why I took the class twice :wideyed:

WORTH every penny!!!! :yes:

I did not do a "workshop", I used RobsCPNE.com.

Nalon1 - Should we consider Rob's CPNE a 'video' workshop for practical purposes?

So far 23 recipients: 30% passed CPNE without a workshop, 48% passed with a workshop, 9% failed CPNE without a workshop, 17% failed with a workshop - numbers rounded to the nearest whole #.

Confidence is key!

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It was a while ago (a really long while) but I passed without any workshops.