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Policy wording for legal labs @ police request

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I have been tasked with changing the wording of our policy regarding legal lab tests. Right now the only policy we have is on blood draws for alcohol. My manager would like me to change the wording to something similar to forensic testing or forensic labs.

How do other facilities word their policy?

Thank you in advance,


I hope you're a JD in the legal department. A nurse has no business doing this. DWIs are fought tooth and nail.

If you absolutely have to do it yourself I'd contact some academic institutions in Your state and mirror their policies. It would also benefit you in knowing what our law enforcement policies and statutes are in regards to requiring a drug test.

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I agree, this needs to come from your hospital's legal dept. There can be some input from clinicians regarding the logistics of procedures specified in the policy, but this is something that has to be nailed down tight in accordance with the laws of your city/county/state. Honestly, what any other facility's policy says is irrelevant, especially if it's not in your state.

I suggested the academic institutions in the OP's same state because they'd be tied to state government would "likely" have been researched. Having been a state officer and and agency manager, I learned that my state at least is very apt at protecting itself and has more resources (state attorney general, in-house counsel, etc.) than a "typical" private or corporate hospital would likely have.

I do concede though that in my earlier statement that the OP has no business doing this, and the policy of the above mentioned institutions should merely be used as examples of format and a guideline from which to direct her own institution's research.

To the OP, this isn't a slap in the face for you. This is just a specialized and somewhat delicate policy to work with.

You need to turn this over to your lawyers/Risk Management. This is on them not you. Your manager should know this. Don't be put on the hok for something you don't have the education and knowledge to back.


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