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Does anyone know of pnap friendly employers near Reading PA. I have been searching for employment for 10 months and despite over a dozen interviews as soon as I let them know that I'm in a monitoring program the tone of the interview abruptly changes. Any suggestions eould be greatly appreciated.


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Dialysis and phych are historically recovery friendly. Good luck!

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dialysis and LTC


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I'll see what I can find out, use to live in that area. Have you tried call centers, case managers for issurence Dr's offices. Look out of your comfort zone. Good luck


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Thanks, I'd really appreciate it. I have 13 years experience in LTC. I have applied to nursing homes, the local hospital, us renal, aetna, mental health hospitals, caron foundation, and several family clinics. I have applied to about 50 different places. Really need to to get back to work. Financially things are getting really strained. Any specifics would be greatly appreciated.


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I've worked in several major hospitals in philadelphia and usually my managers say it's bc I sell them on it... I come out upfront and honest and let them know it's nothing that will impact them or is any extra task for them... I simply let them know what happen why I'm in the program and that once every three months they have to fill out a proformance sheet for me and they usually don't have a problem however I've been on several interviews like u describe