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  1. angelmomjr

    New Background Checks in Colorado ?

    I really think you need to look at your justifications or excuses for yourself. If you would have been truthful, completely truthful, then you could have possibly given reasons for these behaviors and how you have grown and what you learned from these experiences. And you have not continued in these risky behaviors, since that time. With how you handled this, the BON and any employement will not only look into this but scrutinize any other information that you give them in the future. We are held to a higher standard and your half-truths are scary. I have been in a BON supervised program in another state, it's not easy but with your attitude, you will have a hard way to go. And that job that you have now, will quickly end and so will your nursing career. Good luck, but accept your responsibility in this situation
  2. angelmomjr

    Working Holidays? 5 Ways to Make It Work for You

    All these suggestions are awesome! I liked working the holidays. But as my children have grown up, I noticed that they missed a lot. There is no excitement to approaching, decorating, giving of gifts. Our holiday celebrations were always not on the holiday, 2 nurses, three military members there was never Christmas on 12/25. We have talked about it, I just regret as a single working mom how working all those holidays have affected my children and grandchildren. Oh then add Mother's day!
  3. angelmomjr

    Can I Get A Priest? Running Out Of Time!

    There seems to be a lot of hair splitting and Monday morning quarterbacking. If the family and patient were okay with the nursing and pastoral care that you gave them that is all that is important. As far as the policy for counting narcotics that is policy driven by the facility. I would be thankful for what peace and calm that they were given. Also the Father with dementia seemed to gain by the interaction. You are the kind of nurse that I hope I am in any similar situation. Kudos!
  4. angelmomjr

    Child Inpatient Psychiatry or Psychiatric ER?

    Congratulations on your future as a nurse! Stressful situations occur in NICU, postpartum and just about any area of nursing. Birth, death, illness mental and physical, life changes marriage, divorce, nursing school all stressful in their own ways. It depends on your investment and ability to care for yourself, take time off and other outside interests. Violence occurs in most areas of nursing. ER violence is well documented. Any psych work can be violent, it is one of those learning times on developing the "eyes in the back of your head" or the ability to "sense" the atmosphere of the unit. You are taught de-escalation techniques and CPI. This ability to sense the vibration of the unit is something that I developed over years of working in psych. I was able to listen to the unit and know when there was something that was going to happen. Something I don't know how to teach or explain to you. As for children versus adult, I've worked both and prefer kids and adolescents but after 20 years I was burned out. I became too enmeshed. That being said I enjoyed working with the kids. I remember after a snowfall, grabbing trash bags and going out with the kids for sledding. Also worked with a company that had a Prom for the teens. I now am working in addictions(which is classified a part of psych). Any type of nursing can be rewarding and enjoyable. You just have to have an open mind and be able to "look out of the box". One of the many benefits of nursing is that there are so many different areas in nursing. I have also worked in ICU, blood drives, home care, forensics. Enjoy and have fun whatever it is you do.
  5. angelmomjr

    Treat the Patient, not the Monitor.....Really?

    Well no duh!!! Of course if your patient looks horrid and the monitor doesn't reflect that you should most definitely perk up and do some investigating. "I'm regretting this post!" Your assessment skills can fail you just as badly as a monitor can, we have to use ALL THE DATA at our disposal. I'm not understanding what you expected from your post. Nurses have shared with you their experiences from their own assessments and use of monitors. Any of these nurses, use both of the methods to diagnosis and treat. There is no "fail safe" method for diagnosis and treatment. It is a combination of the nurses assessment skills, to treat a patient. I don't get your post!
  6. angelmomjr

    positive for pot

    My only difficulty with what you have said is if a nurse is at work and tests positive for ANYTHING, they are impaired. Does not matter if it is recreational or regular use, you are impaired while caring for patients. I would not want to be cared for or have a family member cared for by an impaired RN, MD, respiratory therapist, PT, CNA, etc. I'm "one of those" nurses and in retrospect I can only hope that my care was as good as possible.
  7. angelmomjr

    Your monitoring program allow whipits?

    cayenne, Apparently you are not one of us. ANY KIND OF MOOD ALTERING substance starts the never ending spiral to addiction. None of us can use "recreational" substances, because it leads us to jail, institutions and death. Addiction to substances is a DISEASE that has to be approached and treated as a chronic disease. Don't feel sorry for us. But to maintain sobriety we have to be vigilante to health care professionals that are not educated in this disease.
  8. angelmomjr

    Brand new to this

    StillRN, ADN,RN, I'm encouraging you to take a deep breathe. There are other nurses, pharmacists, doctors that have gone through similar situations. Also be aware that each state has different requirements, so what ever is suggested keep it in mind that in may not to pertain to you. In PA, there is a 3yr program, NJ is a 5yr program and I am trying to gather more information from each state. In both PA and NJ, after 6 months of outpt therapy and being in the programs, you can go back to work. There are stipulations usually that a nurse can not return to supervising staff, ICU,CCU and home healthcare. Again each state is different, I would do some internet research and networking with other nurses in similar situations. Also remember that there is a reason that you are there. Someone had recommended going for the evaluation, definitely go and see what they say. After the evaluation, you will have some guidance about your treatment. This will sound cruel, it's not meant to be, first most important objective is for YOU to ACHIEVE SOBERTY AND BEING CLEAN. You can't work if you are impaired or suspected being impaired. Would you want yourself or a family member to be cared for by an impaired nurse? The job will be there in the future, and what to say during an interview. I wish I could give you more information, there is lots to these programs. If you want more information, I will gladly assist you any way I can. This is what helps to keep me clean and sober, is to greet the newcomer and to give to them my experience, strength and hope. There is HOPE. Just do it 1 day at a time.
  9. angelmomjr

    How do I get my RN license back once it was revoked?

    It depends on the state your license is in. Some states have you take their complete program. But that's something to ask other nureses in recovery in your state. Or call the board.
  10. angelmomjr

    pnap friendly employers

    I'll see what I can find out, use to live in that area. Have you tried call centers, case managers for issurence Dr's offices. Look out of your comfort zone. Good luck