plz.. help me to decide which job I should take..

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I'm a new grad LVN.

After applying 80-100 places in last 6 months,

finally I got job offer from two LTC's.

But I'm not sure which job I should keep.

1. On-call type (Occational) and no minimum hours without any benefit.

wage is $23/hr. Only 5 minutes away from my house. Friendly staffs..

They will change me to full time when there is open position but I just heard from a charge nurse that they recently hired 2-3 LVN's already.

It seems like, they are hiring me b/c they want to have someone who can speak Korean since they have Korean Unit.

There are appx. 179 beds and has sub acute unit. (But i don't float to sub acute.) It seems like they have high census.

They gave me schedule for next month and I work average 2-4 8hr shifts a week.

I already had orientation and getting my training..

2. Full time with medical insurance including dental and vision.

wage is $20/hr. Distance wise,.. it's 28 miles ONE WAY (40 minutes when there is no traffic.) =(

They have less than 45 beds and sometimes low in census. They don't have treatment nurse which means I am responsible to do both wound care and giving medication.

I kind of want to take the first one because it's closer to my house but kinda scared if I don't get enough hours of work? and.. Not become full time for a long time??

If you were me, which one will you take??

Thank you very much!!! =)

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Since I like stability, benefits, and a steady paycheck that does not fluctuate from month to month, I would commute to the full-time job that is farther away from your home. The first job that you described is a PRN/casual/per diem/on-call type of job that will not guarantee you any hours if they are fully staffed.

Or, you can accept both offers. Many nurses in my area have one full-time job and one PRN/casual/per diem/on-call gig as a second job.



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The full time job. you can work the on-call job around the full-time job. The second one is steady work and ,if the on call job is staff they will cancel your shift.


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#2 for sure. Full time with benefits? That is awesome. You won't be stressed every month hoping your phone will ring.



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#2 for sure. Full time with benefits? That is awesome. You won't be stressed every month hoping your phone will ring.

definitely #2.. right?? I think I made a good decision.. thanks ALL for the advice.. =)



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i def think number 2!! did you take the position?!

#1...could def... for lack of better words screw you over...with hours... (and no benefits...that sucks!) you have no guaruntees!!

is moving closer to #2 an option?! it’s sounds great :)