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  1. ADN-BSN csulb vs csuf?

    I got accepted to both CSU Long Beach and Fullerton (on campus programs). Which school is better? I work full time. I wonder if it's doable to attend school full time and work full time.
  2. I need advice~ =)

    Wow~ I'm so impressed about the words of wisdom. Thank you very much everyone. If they decide to hire me, i am gonna take that job. =)
  3. I need advice~ =)

    I have been working in a nursing home for 7 months. I have 24 pts. and get paid $23/hour (I guess not bad as a new grad..)/ no benefit (I didn't buy the insurance b/c it's too expensive.) I really love my patients & co-workers. There are still lo...
  4. Write up/ disciplinary action

    I am a new grad working in a nursing home for 6 months. I just got written up with a disciplinary action couple days ago for the over time. I try not to go overtime and most of the times I clock out on time and finish my work without getting paid bec...
  5. several prn pain med

    thanks everybody for the replies. I feel much better now b/c some of you said i did the right thing.. and.. Flo., you are right.. my co-worker said it was for the break through pain.. (which i didn't understand what it meant at that time..) I guess I...
  6. several prn pain med

    hi, i am a new grad LVN, just got my first job at the LTC. I'm confused about how to give prn pain medication. Today, my pt. was requesting Vicodin for pain. Order was Vicodin q4h prn/ ultram q6h prn. Last dose for vicodin given at 9pm. pt. was askin...
  7. definitely #2.. right?? I think I made a good decision.. thanks ALL for the advice.. =)
  8. hi, I'm a new grad LVN. After applying 80-100 places in last 6 months, finally I got job offer from two LTC's. But I'm not sure which job I should keep. 1. On-call type (Occational) and no minimum hours without any benefit. wage is $23/hr. Only 5 m...