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hi goodday! i need your help guys... i applied and paid $200 to pearsonvue last december 20, 2006 and passed all the requirements to chicago illinois board of nursing. i just want to know where/what site can i follow-up my application because until now i haven't receive my eligibility. thank you and God bless!!! :scrying:


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check your pearsonvue account. there is a status there.

or call Continental Testing Service (CTS) and follow up your application. tell them that you havent recieve any notice of approval yet...


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btw, where did you send your IL licensure application? in CTS or in IDFPR?

it should be sent to CTS...

did they (CTS) already have your:

1. 4 page application form

2. CES report (CGFNS should send the CES report directly to CTS)

3. CT NUR form (if applicable)


5. fingerprint reciept

6. TOEFL result (if applicable)

7. fee ($79) payable to CTS

if you think they already have those reqt.. better call them and ask for the status of your application..

they maybe waiting for a document from you or it was sent to a wrong address.. better call/email them (CTS).

*after i submitted the 4 page application form to them, i recieved a letter from them and they told me that i lack a fingerprint reciept and i need to submit that to them.. after i submitted that, they send the notice of approval after a week in my home address.



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Hi! thanks for your reply.... i will not take cgfns because my agency here in the philippines told me that chicago does not require cgfns. i am planning to take my ielts or toefl after my nclex due to financial problem. these are the things that i passed: FP-NUR, APPLICATION FOR LICENSURE AND/OR EXAMINATION, WORK HISTORY(GAVE IT TO MY AGENCY), CT-NUR and ED-NUR. thank you so much and God bless.


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yeah.. i didnt took cgfns exam either.. CGFNS exam is not needed in IL. BUT, they do need CES (credentials evaluation service).

*FYI cgfns offers 5 services namely:

1. certification program (which is the CGFNS EXAM)

2. credentials evaluation service

3. visa screen

4. credentials verification service for new york state

5. international consultants of delaware

*if you're applying in IL, they need the CES REPORT.

take time to read their it very CAREFULLY

* you havent applied for CES yet. you need to apply for that.

* documents should be sent to CTS (continental testing service) and not to IDFPR. where did you send your documents? in CTS or in IDFPR? once they recieve your application form, you'll recieve a letter telling you what are the documents you still need to submit.

*you havent submitted the fingerprint reciept to them too. have you submitted a fingerprint card and a fee to any fingerprint vendor in IL? (example Identix)

*you can do these application process on your own.. without any help from an agency. are you sure they already send your application to CTS?

*you can email CTS and ask them if they recieve your application.

*yes you can take TOEFL or IELTS after the NCLEX.


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hi! i talked to my agency and they told me that they send and paid my finger id direct to illinois and i sent my papers to CTS. Thank you so much for your time and being so patient to answer all my questions. Little by little i understand what im doing now. I emailed our petitioner in chicago to help me follow-up my papers. thanks again...


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you can follow it up by yourself.. dont just rely on what your agency is telling you.

i suggest you send an email to them and ask bout the status of your application.

they (CTS) wont give you a notice of approval if they havent recieve the CES report from it?


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hi. i'm new here. i just passed the december board exams. im applying in new mexico. pls help.

where will i get fingerprint cards? the website's instructions for requesting these cards are for agencies only. how will i request for them to send me fingerprint cards and how long will it take for me to receive them?

once i process my application, they will mail me my nclex candidate bulletin right? and after they make me eligible, only then can i register at pearsonvue?

tnx so much for your help


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thanks a lot kathykaye! i tried looking for a forum that discusses nm application for nclex but didn't find it. the link you gave me was very informative.

thank you very much!

god bless you!

hi! i'm also new here. i've applied in new mexico and have sent them my documents december 2006. the school already sent them my TOR and other documents also in december 2006. the new mexico board of nursing already charged me for the application fee (it's already reflected in my credit card), but i still haven't heard from them yet. i already emailed them but still no reply. what to do? it's almost 4 months since december and i heard it usually doesn't take this long in new mexico. please help...:scrying:

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