Please welcome RN/Writer to the OB/GYN/Midwifery Forums as new moderator!


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miranda(rn/writer) has graciously accepted brian and his admin team's invitation to join us as a moderator on the boards and she will be joining our forum as a moderator, here! her words of wisdom, articulate way of soothing others and caring heart will be a huge asset for and especially, for our forum.

welcome, miranda (rn/writer) to our team! so very glad to have you.



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We have the Dynamic Duo for Moderators on the OB board:

Deb and Miranda!

Congratulations Miranda!

You, along with Deb, have been another whose posts I enjoy reading because of your thoughtfulness and objectivity.


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Welcome!!!:balloons: :biggringi


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:biggringi Great to have you!!! What state do you Practice.....I havae a desire to learn about midwifery....


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Thanks for the welcome, guys. Oddly enough, I didn't even see this message until today. Better late than never, hey? I've learned much from this thread and hope to keep learning. Always something interesting going on the the world of birthing babies.


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Welcome aboard! Looking forward to sharing...Martha

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