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Please read! I need advice... BADLY.


I am currently a pre-nursing student in California, no degree, and in my third year of college. My GPA is 3.15 and my TEAS V score is somewhere around 82-84%. I do not have any experience whatsoever and I didn't get into the 2013 nursing program at the CSU I am currently attending (my pre-requisite GPA, including science, did not meet the 3.0 requirement).

I was thinking about going back and re-taking two of my science pre-req's next quarter and then reapplying in Fall 2013 for Fall 2014, but that's just too long of a wait for me; I really wanted to graduate and start working within the next 2 years.

I'm not really sure what I should do now, my mind's kind of all over the place, but I have been doing some research. I've thought about going the ADN route at a community college and then going from RN to BSN (3-4 more years, but at least I'd be working... that's if I can get a job as an ADN). I've also contemplated changing my major to Health Sciences with an option in Pre-Clinical Preparation (occupational, physical, respiratory therapy, etc.). Although, I suppose could get just get an Associate's Degree in either Respiratory or Radiation therapy... I just don't know.

Posting this might not make much of a difference but does anybody have any advice for me?


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You should follow people in different positions. When I was in college, I shadowed a doctor, nurse, and PA. You will get an idea of their job requirements and personal opinions. I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but my sister was an ER nurse and I followed her around a couple of weekend nights. I saw her giving meds, drawing blood, doing chest compressions, inserting NG's and foley cath, and telling scared pts "Everything is going to OK. We are going to take good care or you." I saw a helicopter drop off a trauma pt at out ER, and the nurses went to work. Pts clothes off, Iv's in, doc yelling orders, blood transfusions flowing in absolute chaos! The doc cracked open the chest, (he) reached inside to pump the heart manually with his hand. I was in heaven! (the team brought her back by the way.) At the end of the night, my sister asked me, "So, what do you think." I said, "I want to be a nurse. I'm signing up for pre-req tomorrow." And here I am 10 years later.

My point is, I never had any intention of of being anything that night. Before that experience, I thought, when the night was over, I'm going to meet up with my buddies at some festive event. But, I didn't. I went home and thought about everything that just happened in the ER. I thought "That's it. It's my calling. I am going to be a nurse and there's nothing that can stop me. Nothing!" From that point on, I never looked back.

The point is, you won't know what you want to do until you see it and experience it yourself. You might follow PT and say no. You might follow RT and say Yes. Try and shadow people and see what you find. All the jobs are different. Once you get an idea, you will be able to sit down and say "That's what I want to do! My mind is made up!"

Since that night, everyday at nursing school was Christmas morning. Bathing pts...bring it on...let's do it! I couldn't wait to be a nurse...even if it took me ten years. I didn't care if I didn't have the best grades or if it took me longer to learn the easy stuff. I had to learn it because I wanted it so bad. I never would have found that passion if I didn't shadow. After that experience, I would spend the following weekends shadowing....even during the days I was bored. My friends thought I'd lost it. But I didn't care. My sister introduced me to a career that I knew nothing about in my college days. Who I am now is because of my sister......Find your niche and you will find your passion!

ADN schools have a lot of applicants. Unfortunately, your pre-req GPA will not make you competitive enough for ADN school, especially if it is on the lottery system. You could try private nursing schools, but that would require taking out loans (like the majority of students).

Re-taking your science courses is a good bet to increase your GPA.

Also, I am hoping that the economy will turn around by the time you graduate, but just know that as of right now, new grad RNs are having an abysmal time trying to land the first paid RN job, especially CA new grad RNs.

Do a little more research and try to shadow (if possible). Pick what you want to do and go after it.

Good luck!

Hang in there and don't worry about the time frame... You will run into many bumps in the road along the way...

Press forward with your dream "one-class-at-a-time" to keep focus! I used to set dates for myself all the time... Oh, when I turn 40 I will be a nurse, before this summer I will be a nurse, lol... Now, I just do what I can do for now and someday, I will be a nurse.

I agree with HodgieRN... Great advice!!! :)

Many Blessings Along Your Way! :bookworm:

Have you thought of applying to other schools? I live in San Diego and applied for the Nursing Program that starts in Feb. at National University. I'm waiting for the results that should be out this week. It is an accelerated program. If you would like more information I can help answer any questions you have.