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I don't want to ask questions that has already been covered. If you don't mind, can someone point me to a thread explaining Hesi and NCLEX? What I want to know is something specific. Hesi is the exam that prepares you for the NCLEX? Those type of questions. I know someone has probably asked this a million times. Therefore, I would like to read it if possible. Hope you guys don't think I am just stupid. hehe...I am actually doing some research on all the things I will face as a Nursing student. I've gone through a phase of it in college along time ago. Now I am trying to decide if I want to take a nab at nursing again or close this chapter in my book for good. Don't hit me too hard with the tomatoes I am trying to work it all out this year, with what path I need to take in life. :typing


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]Don't think you're stupid at all. So first off, what made you think of going into nursing in the first place? You stated you are preparing for nursing school. Maybe speaking with a guidence counselor regarding possible career choices would be another idea. I did not take HESI in nursing school. Some schools use ATI instead. ( basically it's a similar thing different company ) For nursing school, don't focus so much on the end right away. You would probably start preparing for your NCLEX during your first or second semester. You would neeed at that point a good NCLEX Reveiw Book and would want to go over how to answer NCLEX style questions as well as reveiwing the rationals for the answers. Your school will steer you in the right direction for your boards and give you all the tools you'll need to be adequately prepared for your career. I hope this helps to get you started. Like nightmare said though you may also want to key in at the top HESI and read some of the threads related to it. Good luck.

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