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please, need insight from those who went before me

Hello everyone. Was just seeking advice and info from students/grads who attended OU and/or U of D Mercy. I have been accepted to one but now have an interview with another. If you could share your experience with me I would greatly appreciate it! PM if you'd like! Thanks again.:uhoh3:

Oh my goodness, sorry I guessed so totally wrong........hope someone replies who knows some info to help you.


Specializes in MICU, SICU.

I'm in the exact same position as you. Same schools and everything. UD is my first choice, obviously. Or, I wouldn't even be interviewing there!


Have worked along side of students that went thru University of Detroit-Mercy and have been quite impressed by them.

Congratulations on your success with OU. ( I am assuming that you got into OU, since the U of D interviews are not over yet.) :wink2:

I heard that Oakland is more technical of an interview, what did you think. (I have only recently joined this forum, My advice is probobly something that you have heard before!) I also have a U of D interview and am sweating in my shoes. That is great that you have a place to fall back on, if this one does not go well (which it probobly will).

Unfortunately, I could only apply to U of D this year. If it does not work out, I will add Wayne to next years list.

Post any info that you find (if you want) and I will do likewise.

Good luck!

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