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Hello my name is Ana and I live in Texas JI just got accepted into a nursing school which can be really difficult to get in. I just found out they do not accept any form of federal financial aid, and every bank tells me that my school will not accept any loans either. In total my tuition will be about 9000 and I can not possibly come up with that kind of money so soon. I tried so hard to get into this school; I wrote an essay, got 2 letters of recommendation, took and passed a really difficult entrance exam ….ext. I really don’t want to drop out at the last minute because this school only accepts students once a year. Thank you so much for reading my story. Ana


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What kind of nursing "school" doesn't qualify for federal student aid and also doesn't "accept any loans"? What do they care where you got the money from, as long as you have it to give to them? Sounds fishy to me.


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Yeah that doesn't make sense to me! Call the financial aid adviser at the school and verify this information and ask why too!! Best of luck!

i know thats what i said, the school does offer very few, small amounts in scholarships throught the year, i was not worried about paying for it until i was accepted, and now i cant.


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What you're describing does not sound like any legitimate school I've ever heard of.

you can look it up on the texas board of nursing... its there


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yeah, im sorry, but this sounds fishy..

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A school not wanting money? Thats the strangest thing I have ever heard of.

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