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Can ne1 advise me as to if it is possible to take a brief period of time out of the course and then retake a module? I have had a lot of personal problems and need to do this but am anxious about speaking to my tutor until I know if it is possible or not. I don't want to fail but I need the break and retake. I am diploma adult branch. Thanks to ne1 who replies xxx

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I would suggest a chat with your tutor. I am sure people have done this


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At my Uni you could. You join the next cohort.

If you're talking 2-3 weeks, it's at your tutor's discretion:

If in practice you might have to make up for those hours during holidays, if it's Uni time, show initiative...

You could also apply for extended deadlines due to personal circumstances.

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It depends on your course and the time you think you need.

short periods my mate had 6 weeks off as preganat and around her due date and carried on. Londer periods are called "stepping off/back" or intercalating mean joining the following cohort sometimes repeating all a semester other mean joing were u steped off excalty(tends to be more for health/personal propblems and not accademic/clinical failure.

If you get ask and get persmission to step off you give yourslef another chance, stop the uni having to fail you( based on your current fears) and thye don#t like toip he tend to be more flexible as there tends to be 2 cohorts a year bsc can be harder.

check you course booklet how well do u know ur personal tutor/course director.

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You could at my University, a lot of students did due to pregnancy or personal problems. It was called 'intermitting'. Speak with your tutor.


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yes, you can take time out of your course and just rejoin at a later date, depending on how long you take out can be the cohort after or after that ect.


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I'm not sure whereabouts you are studying but certainly here in N.Ireland I know there are students who have done so. I think the NMC requirements are that your course is to be completed within 5 years. Don't be afraid to approach your Personal Tutor , after all it is part of their job to advise you and point you in the right direction for support. Your university also probably has a Student Guidance centre which may also be able to provide you with some support with your personal issues and confidentiality will be maintained.

Good Luck! :nurse:

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were in n.i are you studing uu or qub?

your profile states you are pre nursing?

I did think about goig home but there are few band five posts. i trained in manchesrter and got a job here;


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I am a 2nd year student at Queens University. Was offered a place in Magee and also in Coleraine through the UCAS clearing system, then eventually Queens (who didn't use the UCAS at the time) offered me a place. Queens is close to my home so it was the obvious choice for me.

How do you find nursing in Manchester?

Its difficult to say what the job situation is like here for nursing - you hear different reports. Right now we are studying our Community Nursing module and I notice that Queens keep mentioning that many of us may find ourselves doing Community nursing because of the way the job market is at present. So from that you can assume that it is not great.

I have another 3 weeks at uni, then out on placement for 6 weeks - I'm going to the City hospital, then we have a reading week, followed by exam week, then another 6 week placement (don't know where to yet) and that should take us up to Xmas and then I am on holidays. Queens have 2 intakes each year - Sept & Feb - I am in the Feb'08 intake so our main holidays all in Jan/Feb. 2nd year OSCEs are on in November. Fingers crossed.


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Hello i heard UK is now issuing work permit for foreign nurses(Three Years, for Care homes) anybody here have any idea about it?


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hello ayla r u a student nurse?

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