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I am currently an LPN living in a small town with no online LPN to RN or schools to attend that offer this. I have read the comments and reviews of Excelsior. I would just like to know in a nut shell would anyone recommend this school to anyone else?

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Having never attended the school, I can't recommend or not recommend it. However, you don't tell us what state you wish to become licensed in- California does not permit Excelsior graduates to become licensed, and there may be some other states out there. You may want to research that aspect of the school.

Im in NM. Im pretty sure they allow Excelsior credits..from what I hear


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I would highly recommend it! But you have to be motivated and responsible. It very doable with some motivation.


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I finished all of the exams in four months. I'm currently in the FCCA classes, then I take the CPNE. this has been the best option for me.

So the cost has not been an issue for you? I just spoke with a representative and she says it will be about 400.00 for each this true?


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It's 460.00 per test and that is counting the 75.00 practice exam for both parts A &B, 325.00 for the actual test and 60.00 for the fee that the testing centers are now charging.


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It's the same price I paid for my LPN schooling. About 7,000 total. Actually cheaper because I didn't have to drive all over the country side to clinical sites.