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Just want to ask.. Is it possible to take the NCLEX RN for California in New Jersey? and would my requirements prior to taking the exam reflect those of the california board?

I came from an international school, and the requirements prior to taking the board exam for new jersey is somewhat harder to accomplish compared to the california board.. thanks for you your answers :)


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You can take the NCLEX in any physical location you please. You apply for a CA license and have the results sent to the CA BRN for that license. Can be done from anywhere.


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how about the requirements prior to taking the exam? will it be the same for the CA?

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Let me move this to the International Nursing Forum.

You will receive more info there.


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Is it ok that while I'm in New Jersey.. I'll just pass my requirements to the Board of California?

and then I'll take the test here?

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What you need to do is talk to the BON and see what requirements you are still required to do if endorsing, they may still require you to complete their requirements as a foreign trained nurse applying for initial licence would have to


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I thought NCLEX was a NATIONAL exam and registration was up to the individual state.