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Please help with new grad RN resume

by LovetheOB LovetheOB (New) New Nurse

Hey everyone! I am a new grad in the Bay Area of California. I graduated with my ADN May 2019, and I am currently a BSN student expecting to graduate in December 2020. Finding a job in acute care has been extremely difficult, and I'm not sure how else I can improve my resume! I'd be so appreciative of any advice you all may have!

Resume Critique.pdf

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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The issue may not so much be your resume as it is the area. The Bay Area is notorious for a glut of new grads. You may need to consider getting experience in another type of unit than your preference, in an area outside of acute care, or look into relocating.


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Yeah in my area (midwest) this resume would land you a ton of interviews at the least and I would wager as long as you interviewed halfway decent it'd land you quite a few job offers. As Rose_queen said, I would look at a different area or specialty.

Enarra, BSN, RN

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Your Resume looks good. And like other posters said it’s the area you’re in I feel your pain as I too graduated into a glut of new grads and I wanted to stay in NYC. Well 450 applications and resumes later I got my first job as an RN. It’s a numbers game keep applying and customize your cover letters and for jobs you really want rewrite your resume to fit the job don’t lie just use the right keywords. Use all of your resources prof contacts, find out who the hospitals nurse recruiter is and get your resume to them, indeed, volunteer, network, LinkedIn, keep applying Don’t give up! - best of luck!

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Dang girl! You have so many certifications! haha. This is just my opinion but I suggest maybe using a template with color or something to help it stand out :). Recruiters look through these so fast that maybe it could help.

I live in SoCal and I'm also a recent new grad with BSN. I had an interview with the hospital I had my practicum on and didn't get it. I graduated in March, took NCLEX at the end of April and started searching for jobs and applied to numerous new grad programs and any hospital that didn't require experience with no response back. I finally decided to accept a SNF job for now and am luckily they have a short term unit so there is opportunity for more skills. I'm hoping this will help me put some RN experience on my plate since most new grad programs accept up to a year of experience. If not, I'll probably try to get into LTACH or outpatient surgery center or something. I don't want to move out of state to be honest. Everyone I talked to basically said it takes time... like 6-8 months or longer to find an acute care job and especially with covid no one wants to train 😞. Kinda just depends what you wanna do while you're looking. Best of luck 🙂