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Please help if you know the solution!!

Hi everyone,

Do to Lots of conflict between me and my peds teacher she decide to fail me 2 times in the same class and now I am out of the program what I should do? Do I have a chance with any other program or I have to say Goodby and there is no way around this for me. I have only one more semester to finish nursing school by the way. I appreciate all your input.


Wow, with only one term to go?? You must feel awful right now...I am sorry. Can I ask why exactly she failed you? Were your tests multiple choice (objective questions) or short answer (subjective questions)? What is your class grade based upon, and how do you feel that this conflict caused her to rightfully fail you? I would be horrified to be failed out of nursing school with only one term to go...but I would need more info before giving my opinion.


Yes I feel extremely bad, the both two times she failed me for clinical and there is no way I can get help from anybody, so i am looking for some solution out of this place.

Ok...so let me still understand...is she saying you are incompetent during clinicals at the hospital (or wherever you do your clinicals...)? Did you have nurses that you regularly worked with that would disagree with her? What are her grounds for saying you didn't cut it? I am just curious because I only truly worked with my clinical instructor for maybe 20 minutes of the day during clinicals (we more often worked with the nurse we were assigned to). We had to gave "daily report cards" on each other (I gave one on the nurse, the nurse gave one on me). Where is she saying you didn't make it?


You will need to approach the Dean of your program and see if you can be evaluated by another instructor. But before you were given the failure this second time, did you ever have any meetings with this instructor, or even after you failed the class the last time? What was their input as to your weaknesses? Were their specific areas of concern, or was it overall?

I just completed level 3 and will be finishing nursing school in April (if all goes well of course), and we have had one person dropped from the program. But it is basically a four step process. They gave us info on it during level 1. First if the instructor has a problem with you in clinical (doesn't think you are doing well or whatever) then she will have a conference with you. Then if you have not improved you will have a conference with your instructor and the program coordinator/dean, then you may have to do some sort of competency/skills check off. After that, if they are not satisfied you are put on probation. After probation I believe another conference is held with the instructor and dean. I don't know all of the details, but I do know it is a process they must go through, unless you do something really severe that injures a patient, and I think it would have to be intentional. So, did you go through this process? If not, I would definitely be talking to the dean of nurses tomorrow. Hope all goes well.

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I know you are upset about this, but the way you have written your posts suggests that you have done nothing wrong. I've been on the planet a long time and there are two sides to every situation. Of course, you can always try to get into other programs. However, the basic problem is going to remain unless you fix it--just whatever it was your instructor says you did wrong. Most instructors I know take the failing of a student very seriously because they know it often is the death blow to the kid's career in nursing. So, that leads me to the one question I started with that I didn't want to start off my post with. Just what did you do to get flunked? You don't have to answer it publicly here on the forum, but I hope you have thought about it yourself. If you can't change that, you will have problems in other nursing programs as well.

you must of done something serious. my instructors said most people get B's or A's n no one fails unless u do something horribly wrong like hit patients, wreckless endangerment, or just missed class all the time. wats te reasons given? they cant just fail u. ur hiding something.

Asking for an evaluation from another teacher is the way to go, but be prepared when they ask you how many times you seeked help, tutoring, 1 on 1, or made office hours with the instructor.

Good luck

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