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please help I failed Nclex pn at 85 questions

hi! everyone, I just got my result, I only did 85 question and the computer shut down, I studied Exam Cram Nclex pn and ATI, I don't know what wrong with me, I knew i failed when the computer shut down, but I was hoping at lest the computer will gave me more question, please some one give me some advises?? what can I do now?? I must to pass at second time please please please......

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I have moved this to the NCLEX forum where there are plenty of threads discussing this


what type of questions you got? did you get any drag and drop,exhibit, select all that apply?

I'm waiting for my result and I couldn't sleep.

you can do VUE trick

I got like 3 math, about 15-20 sata and about 5-10 drag questions. once I got like 3 math questions, I knew that i failed, cuz most of people only got 1 math question from who passed nclex

nobody here???

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where did you take your test? I tried PVT but It's been more than 24 hours since I took the test so I'm still worried. plus I got a lot of select all that apply too and 2 dosage calc.

more than 100, I don't remember the exact number

More than one question for math doesn't mean you failed... Yes, the waiting really works your nerves. Have faith find something to do. I took trips after I tested for the PN and RN so that I would be occupied.:nurse: I had 85 question on the PN with 67 SATA, 4 math questions. I had 75 question for the RN and 40 SATA, 3 Math and a bunch of CARDIO questions. I passed both of mine. You can too.

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Hi I am on the same boAt I took mine 10/29/2016 and still waiting on my letter. I'm so nervous

try PVT

I recently took my PN NCLEX had 85 questions with about 30-40 select all that apply and 3 math and 2 exhibit and the rest were just all over the place no specific subject. I walked out in awe and confused, i cried i felt nauseous the whole nine yards...I quick checked mine and passed. So the number of questions really doesnt matter.

I used my ATI Comprehensive NCLEX PN book I recieved during a ATI live review class. I also read over Saunders NCLEX prep book. When i left the test a friend of mine told me she used Dover 3000 online and said that helped her. But honestly what I studied for was not on the test, it was a variety of subjects. I wish I could help more!!


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