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Hi All

I currently live and work in New Zealand as a Volunteer Ambulance Officer and have just started as a Medical Recruiter.

Any ideas on where I can find staff that want to come to NZ to work. Or do you know anyone that wants to come and work in NZ as a Nurse?

or maybe a publication that I can advertise in ?

NZ is an awesome place to live and work.....

Thanks heaps


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... sent you a pm.;)


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- Suggestion.

- Try advertising for nurses in sporting & fly-fishing magazines.

- New Zealand is supposed to be the world's #1 destination for truly large wild brown trout.

- Just a suggestion. Good luck.

John Coxey

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I am a male Israeli RN. I have second degree in managment and first degree in nursing, also I am clinical nephrology nurse and I hold ACLS certificate. I've passed IELTS ( 7.0). I want to immigrate to NZ, but I heard to start immigration process I need job offer. Is that true? Write to my e-mail.

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Try contacting some of the travel nurse (contract nurse) agencies. Many of us in this area would love the adventure and would probably be willing to do extended contracts for the chance to see NZ!


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Hi there,

Im a new member Im working here in the philippines and if you are looking for a solution to your problem Im more than willing to volunteer . If you want to communicate with me just e-mail me Thanks....

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The thread that you posted to is more than four years old. Doubt if you will get any response.

Suggest that you pay attention to the dates of the thread when you try to look for something from the past.

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