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I just found this website and I am so in need of help!

I am 31 years old and a stay at home mom. My daughter will start school this fall (Kindergarten) and my son has just turned 18 mos.

Although I still have time, when my son begins school I will have no degree or chosen profession. I have thought about this for a while, and I think I want to go into nursing. I would really want to go into OB nursing.

Here is where I need help:

Am I foolish to think I can go to school with young children?

Am I crazy to even be entertaining the thought at 31?

Is it fair to think that I can choose which area I go into?

Are student required to work in other areas of nursing for their appreticeship ( or whatever it is called!)

And, most importantly... do you enjoy your work & did you know that this OB field was what you wanted from the start?

Thanks in advance for you time and thoughts ...:rolleyes:


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scrapper -

of course you're not foolish. I am 38, two kids 7 & 9 and 12+ yrs experience in PR & Marketing, and TODAY I had my interview for an RN programme starting in September :)

I have also this week started a job as a health care assistant (I think that's a CNA in the US?) on a stroke ward at a large nearby hospital and I absolutely love it.

The admissions people said there was a woman on the course last year who was 50. More than 50 % of the people on this course are mature students.

go for it!


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Scrappergirl, I waited until all of my 3 children were in school before I went to school. It is never too late. About half of my class were my age. I was 30. I am now 45 and am working OB. I started in L&D right after graduation. I knew that was where I wanted to be.

Go for it!

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In also in school with children ages 5 and 6. The average age of students in my class is 34. Going to school would be a wonderful idea! Yes, you have to do rotations is all areas of nursing. In fact, most people end up changing what they wanted to specialize in after they do "new" rotations they hadn't previosly thought about. Good Luck!



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I'm also a 30 year mother of two, and am in nursing. I have all my prereqs and most coreqs out of the way so that my course load isnt unbearable when I start clincals/nursing courses. It can be done, most of the people in my classes are my age and older, and I also have plans to go into L&D although I am open to change! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! Lots of people have done it and so can you!

Amy :)


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No you are not foolish! I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old. It takes lots of work but it can be done. Check out the student nursing forum. There are lots of threads about moms in nursing school and tips for balancing and organizing home, school and even work. Good Luck! :)



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Scrapper What can I say? JUST go for it. I graduated at age 34 with a child and military husband who was away much of the time during which I struggled through school. MY family were 1000 miles away and so I had to rely on friends to help me with daycare sometimes. At times, I cried cause it was so hard. But, I maintained a 4.0 GPA and graduated 2nd in my class (yes, this is bragging and I am sorry, I just want to make the point not only can it be done but returning students are EXCELLENT ones).

I encourage you to visit your university and find out what the pre-requisite courses are needed for nursing and start working on them. The more classes you have done before actually entering nursing school, the better it will go for you. You know, classes like the basics: anatomy/physiology, chem, biology, microbiology, english, speech, algebra/math, art/foreign language, etc.

Find out exactly what is required and go from there. Baby steps will do it. I started with two computer courses because I was so petrified on returning to school at 31. But omg, you will be so happy when your kids and husband and family are cheering for you at pinning day like mine did. It is SO WORTH IT!!!!!!! Good luck. Keep your eyes on the prize and head up high and before you know it, you will be joining our ranks. Welcome aboard!


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Thank you all so much for your encouraging words. I am continuosly on the web looking at my college and I feel like I won't be able to get thru the beginning course! 1990 seems like decades ago and I don't know if I could remember anything about science or math!!

Who knows... maybe I will be in the "Class of 2007"!!!

Ps- Do you have a BSN or ADN???

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Go for it.

I am 28, I have a 4 year old and I am also over 7 months pregnant.

I am in school part time evenings and I am also working as a cardiac patient care tech at the hospital. Some hospitals will actually pay for your school and I found that in the evening program we have more adults with children than young kids.

Some of the students in my class are in their 50s. It is a very mixed crowd.

30 is certainly not too old to go back to school.

I always wanted to be an MD. I know this is not realistic at this point, because I chose to have 2 kids, so I plan to become a nurse practitioner.

My psyche teacher told me last fall.." if u decide to go for the MD, u may be 40 before you get your degree, but regardless of whether u go or not, u will still be 40 some day. so, what will be better to be 40 or to be 40 and be an MD?"

good luck and i hope you do what feels good!


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Hi Kate,

First, age isn't an issue. You will find that when you return to school, especially in a community college, that more students will be around your age or older.

Next, since it has been a little while since you've been in school, just take a fun class or a class that you think might be interesting. When I started after 18 years, I started with just two classes (but I don't have kids). It was so great and liberating when I finished those classes, and I haven't stopped. Because I decided to pursue nursing towards the end of my associates degree, I'll have to wait until fall 2004 before I can enter (need to get those nursing prereqs done first). I would just suggest starting by taking one class. It'll feel great when you take that first step.

Good luck!


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I'm in the same boat. I'm starting nursing school and I have 2 little ones (2 years and 11 months). It's never too late to do something that you've always wanted to do!

Good luck with school. :)


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I was 28 when I went back to school, I had a 6 week old, 3yr old and 5 year old. My husband was wonderful. We went from the 'traditional' family with the stay at home mom to me full time in school. My husband learned to cook, clean, and take care of the kids. I learned how special he is!!

My only goal was being an OB/L&D nurse. After many years of nights on OB, working prn in urology, post surgical recovery, and prn days OB at other hospitals, I just got hired FULL TIME DAYS HORRAY! HORRAY! at the original hospital I started at (where I worked nights for 3.5 years!)

My child who was 6wks old when I started back to school is now 8 years old.

I say go for it! You will be glad you did.


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