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Hello Everyone,

I am graduating in Dec 09, I am really really curious to know specific title of review books, specific questions and answers cds, or anything you did to review everything n feel somewhat comfortable and also "PASS" the exam. I feel like i need to review all the systems and do questions for each one, i just want to be proactive about this. I am a slow learner and one who feels repitition brings more understanding to me , so i would like i to get started as soon as possible cause i know thats best for me. Please answer me with any info if possible I would appreicate it.:wink2:


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I used the CDs that came with my class textbooks. They had NCLEX study questions on them for each chapter in the book. I also read through all my classroom powerpoint notes (to refresh my memory). Oh, I took the NCLEX on June 17th (last week) and I just officially became an RN on June 18th!!! I still can't believe it...

Study the way that works best for you. I'd suggest not studying the day before and do something relaxing, eat a good meal before the test (I treated myself to sausage burrito from McD's).

Best wishes to you as you prepare. You can do this! Keep us posted!


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Thank you for your advise and head up, appreciated that kindly. How about any of the outside sources of books, i hear alot of SAUNDERS, KAPLAN cd, ILLUSTRATED STUDY GUIDE FOR NCLEX....any of those specifically?........Cause my thing is I need to review the systems and do questions for each, i dont know if doing random questions from diffrent cds is good or just to focus on one review book and one cd.....Overall i just want responses to my first post if possible pls.

* Please keep the advice going everyone that comes across this, thank you.


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If you consider yourself to be a slow learner, then it would not hurt to start preparing now. But do not slack off on finishing school. You don't want to get distracted and fail out at the last minute. Go to the bookstore and look at the review books to see which one looks good for you. Many people are successful with the Saunders Comprehensive Review. Then start a review program. When you get your application approved you can start preparing in earnest.


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Hi everyone!

I just found out I passed this a.m. and want to share my experience with study guides/review...

1) Illustrated study guide: I found this to be so useful during nursing school. It breaks dowe concepts into a simple format and gets to the point of what is important for the NCLEX. I used this mostly in school, and only a few times when studying for the NCLEX. Looking back, I wish I read the whole thing before the NCLEX because it was easier to read then the other more detailed review books. However, the practice questions are MUCH easier then NCLEX questions. They are good to practice during school, but I wouldn't use them to study for the NCLEX.

2) Saunders Comprehensive Review Book: I initially got this book before I signed up for the Kaplan, so I did not use it as much as I thought. It is more in depth then all the other review books I have listed, and the study questions are more analysis and critical thinking. This book is a bit more detailed then I needed for the NCLEX, but you can be assured you can depend on this and not have to refer to your textbooks as much. However, the questions were easier then the NCLEX. Still good practice, and so far my friends are passing after only using the Saunders book as a guide.

3) HESSI in-person review: Our school made it mandatory to attend this review course. It was 3 days long, and focused on content with only a handful of practice questions. I was so burned out from school, it was hard for me to sit there for 6 ours listening to lectures and I never opened the book again. I would not recommend this. I prefer reviewing content independently at my pace, as opposed to cramming nursing school into 3 days. I did not find this course to be beneficial in any way.

4) Kaplan in -person review & online access: I truly believe that I would not have passed the NCLEX without taking this course. My program was accelerated (15 months) so I did not have time to read content all the time. At this point I just needed to focus on strategy and review content on independently. The review was 4 days long, and 8 hours each day. We went over 700 questions/rationales in depth using the “decision tree”. It was repetitious which is what helps me. By the end of the week you really understand the questions. After the review you have 3 months online access to their website which includes a question bank, 7 questions trainers, and online lectures that goes through the entire Kaplan book. Looking back, I wish I didn’t waste time using the Kaplan book because it was just an outline. I should have spent more time reading the Saunders book and Illustrated book. The strategy is what I found to be most important!

In conclusion…use the Saunders Comprehensive Book during nursing school, and try and take the Kaplan if you can.

Hope this helps…


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Congrats futurensd and for sharing your insight.:)


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Thank you futurernsd, appreciated all your insight, so much good info, and i will look into everything you said in preparation for my last semester and the nclex.....Thank you.

ps: I may contact you via mail if u dont mind...

*more advice if possible will only help, THANKS.


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no worries...i'd love to help! saunders is great because it goes by the systems, and even the medications for the systems are in seperate chapters. the questions really did cover important points. lots of my friends relied on saunders to prep for the nclex and so far so good. ii was talking to a nurse who took it last year, and she said she passed in 75 questions in only 25 minutes! i would go with that one! make sure you get the conprehensive review. i think the most recent version is 2007. here is the link...

i got the illustrated guide in a bundle, and that's why i have so many nclex review books. the book you get for kaplan is by topics such as physioglogical integrity, basic care and . comfort, etc. there aren't any questions in the books...only online.

what i would do is read a few chapters (they are short), and do the questions immediately after. it really helped!

you are wise to plan ahead and study now. you want to feel confident! let me know if there are any other questions you have!

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so are u guys saying Saunders will help...

I used the Saunders CD, and went through most of the questions, and like most people write on this thread, read the rationales(they help you understand why the answer is right). I also did the NCSBN on-line review for three weeks. I passed my NCLEX on June 18th, and I have to say that doing the questions is what I feel helped me the most.


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Suzzanne's 1st tip(did not get the 2nd tip),Saunders cd (4th ed),ncsbn online review,Delegation book by La Charity(this really helped) and lots of prayers.

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pls guys, how can i get suzzanne's 1st tip, dont know whare to go cos am new here.....thanks

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