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Planning on enrolling in FNP program, have questions

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Should I enroll in a program that makes you find your own preceptors?

  1. 1. Should I enroll in a program that makes you find your own preceptors?

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I am currently wrapping up my MSN with a specialization in education. However, the school I'm attending is starting an FNP program in the fall which I would really like to enroll in.

This is the concern/red flag that I have going up. They say since it is an online/distance learning program that we are responsible for locating our own preceptors for our clinical experience at the end of the program. This is four quarters, and approximately 600 hours of clinical experience.

Is this normal or should I look elsewhere?

Any tips from people who have had to seek out preceptors?

I live in Baton Rouge, LA. Louisiana, which has not accepted the program yet. However, approximately 36 states are approved, and several more are in process, so I could do clinicals in another state if I had to. Hubby said that if I went this course, we could relocate for for my career.

I really, really want to do this, but I am nervous about such a big step and want to make sure I am doing all my research before I take the leap.


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Ive had to find my own preceptors all through the program. While it can be stressful, especially if you don't already have a network of connections, it is doable! Oftentimes, I did a google search, made phone calls, and went from there.

Good luck!

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I did two post-MSN certificates where I had to find my own preceptors. Will your school provide you with a list of past preceptors? Can you contact your state's APN organization to get a list of people who are willing to precept? Do you have other APNs who can help you?

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This is the first year for my school's program.

However, a friend of mine who is winding up her FNP is going to send me a list of preceptors that she was provided when she had to find hers.

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Of course not! :)

I am planning on attending Walden University. They are starting up their first class September of this year.

it may seem like you are paying for a service, yet doing the work yourself, but truly, by choosing your own preceptors, you will have control over where you go and the quality/caliber of the person(s) who will mentor you trough those 600 hours. I just graduated from an FNP program, also 600 clinical hours and I selected my own preceptors. It turned out to be a far better experience than what some of my class mates experienced by simply being placed. Embrace it and design it to fit your needs!! Good luck!

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Thank you Julitruli69. I have actually heard this, and have been given the suggestion of actually getting different preceptors for the different clinical areas. A good friend of mine did that and she said that she learned so much by being in an OB office for OB, pedi office for pedi, FP office for adult, etc.

I'm glad to hear something positive about choosing my own preceptors.


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