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Plan to move to NYC with family - need advice

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Hi everyone,

My husband is in process of getting a job in NYC and we MIGHT have to move out there. Here is my situation. I currently work stepdown ICU (progressive Care for CHF speciality unit). If we plan on moving, it will be towards the end of 2012. He has family in Brewster so I am a little familiar with NYC as my husband is a NYC native. We currently live in Grand Rapids michigan Suburb. I have done the research for costs but still scratching my head on some issues. We would probably try to live somewhere in Queens or Long Island.

I have 2 kids, one 6 yr old and one thats 1 yr old. We live in a comfortable home here that costs $150 K to buy, which if in NYC area would be around 500K. My base salary since I recently started is $44K.

By the time i move, I will have 1.5 to 2 yrs under me. Here are my questions of concern:

1) could someone with a family list some of the major expenses and give me approximate numbers just so I could juggle around with. We live quite conservatively out here, learned to decrease the going out, etc after our 2nd child.

2) What areas are good now adays for kids to go to school. My husband has not lived in NYC for over 7 yrs and it has changed as far as neighborhood wise.

3) Are there day care that provide service after 7pm...?

4) What kinds of rates could I expect as an RN level 2 that has under 2 yrs?

I dont know how some people do it but my husband has a friend that just recently had a child and they are living in East bronx apartment, paying $1600 rent (all utilities) and they make $60K combined husband/wife income. ...

What am I missing? I almost feel like I will not make it with the income provided compared to the costs that I have read online. If my salary is over 60K and my husband starting 45K and moving up each year, why are my numbers still show break even somewhere. I like to not break even but save for rainy days.

Can someone please help.

Thank you very much for your time.

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Hey there. You will make anywhere from $35-$50 an hr here. Depends on where you work. To live nicely here you need a combined income of $100k. Which sounds like you will have. Daycare is hard to get for a good price. It will be one of your highest expenses. Each elementary school has a parent coordinator which will help you find private baby sitters. I go through a private lady. She charges. $6/ hr. Which is fantastic. My friend also uses private daycare. Thry are cheaper and will watch your child past 7pm. Many nice neighborhoods in queens. Bayside,Astoria, forest hills,woodside,etc...at the end of the day you make more money Herr and will have more left over at the end of the month. Even after higher rent. I pay $2200 in Astoria. Prime location. 2 1/2 bedroom. 1 bath. Balcony. Access to backyard. If u call it a yard lol. Small square space with table and chairs ..nothing included except water. We make a little over a $100k together. You can do it. It'll be a fun experience. Any more questions ..just ask. Xoxo

Well base salary here is around 65,000-70,000/yr. and if you work night shift with a 2 year experience, then obviously you'll get more. Northeastern part of Queens have a lot of good public schools, such as Bayside, Douglaston and Little Neck and a 2BR apt here will cost around $1,200/month. There is no subway in this neighborhoods but they have LIRR. What will probably cost you a lot is childcare. A babysitter in my area of Queens cost about $12-15/hr! They will ask more if you're in Manhattan. I've seen some daycares that are advertised as $600/month but they look pretty shabby. Good daycares will cost more than that so be prepared.

I would suggest starting the licensing process now as well as job hunting. It will also depend on how fast you will find a job if you are an Associate degree holder or a Bachelor degree holder.

1) expenses including..rent/mortage (apartments 2 beds start around $1200 for a decent size do not expect anything large)...car insurance (i have two vehicles and pay 160..just liability)...childcare for the 1 yr old (average $110 -$150 per week but can be more depending on where the daycare is)....metrocard (if you prefer to commute to work..single ride is 2.50...week unlimited is $29..check www.mta.info for more prices)....do you want cable t.v, internet and a house phone...lol sounds funny...

2) private of public school???

3) Yes, but will be costly. NYC.gov can refer you to a site that lists providers who are licensed to cover after hours. I have a 23 month old and for after hours I use family friends and relatives. So if you do move here make friends quickly.

4) this I cant answer but the first two post seem reasonably correct.